14 november 2011, 16:30

After the face-to-face meeting, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov held negotiations in an expanded format with the participation of delegations.

Addressing the meeting participants, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said:

Dear Mr. President!

Dear guests!

Let me welcome you to Azerbaijan again. Welcome to our country!

We attach great importance to your visit and I am confident that this visit will produce excellent results. The relations between our countries are developing very successfully. We meet regularly and discuss all issues. I am sure that our ties in all areas will become even stronger.

First of all, our political relations are at a high level, and such mutual visits are clear evidence of this. As regards the economic sphere, our turnover has increased. Of course, the energy factor is also playing an important part in our relations, our companies are holding negotiations in this sphere. We can see successful development in all areas, and I am sure that this positive trend will be continued after your visit.

Let me welcome you to Azerbaijan again!


Expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome, Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov said:

Mr. President, we would like to thank you very much. First of all, we are very grateful to you for the invitation to pay this visit. I appreciate the personal relationship between us. We can say quite frankly that the existing friendly relations between us are having an impact on the development of relations between our countries. I believe that the model of relations between our two countries can serve as an example for many other countries. Most importantly, our friendly relations have also become businesslike. From this perspective, our cooperation is rich in real content, and it is particularly important for the development of relations between us.

It is important for us to elevate these relations to new levels. From this standpoint, we consider mutual investment between the two countries highly important. We want the Bulgarian capital, Bulgarian investment to be present in Azerbaijan as well.

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