29 february 2012, 12:13

As is known, on February 28th, the Constitutional Council of France repealed the law criminalizing denial of the so-called “Armenian genocide”. In this connection, we state that President of the Republic of Azerbaijan welcomes this fair decision of the French Constitutional Council, and characterizes this as the manifestation of freedom of speech and thought.

At the same time, the President highly appreciates the appeal addressed by a group of French Senate members to the French Constitutional Council and French public, calling for abolition of the law, intending to criminalize denial of the so-called “Armenian genocide”, and expresses his gratitude to all people who have showed resoluteness in their stance.

It should be noted that, this decision of the French Constitutional Council is a barrier laid in front of the hypocrisy of Armenians around the world and is another example of the failure of offensive activities of Armenian Lobby.