01 march 2012, 18:45

Let me cordially salute the participants of the Third Forum of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Member Countries' Think Tanks and wish each one of you continued success in the name of the future of your respective countries.

Over the course of centuries, the Islamic civilization has promoted peace and tolerance, universal ideas of humanism and mercy, and rallied millions of people around these high values. Azerbaijan has always been proud of being part of the Islamic world. For many years, deep respect not only for the Islamic culture and religion, but also for all other religions, tolerance and coexistence of people of different faiths in an atmosphere of cooperation and peace have been the main way of life in Azerbaijan.

Human capital and intelligence as a new quality factor are crucial to the progress of modern civilization. The road leading to the prosperity and progress of any nation passes through the development based on science and innovation. Success in this field depends on the intensity and sustainability of regional and international cooperation between scientists and researchers of various countries.

Our country, as an active member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, contributes to the promotion of dialogue among civilizations and cultures on the basis of mutual respect and understanding. The transformation of Azerbaijan into a venue for numerous events conducted through the OIC has geographical, historical, scientific and cultural foundations.

The Third Forum of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation member countries in Baku will create a favorable environment for the conversion of bonds into traditions, presentation and sharing of progressive ideas and innovations.

I believe that the organization of an active dialogue among participants of the Forum on current problems and challenges and on national experiences will consolidate the efforts of intellectuals from different continents and serve peace, prosperity and tranquility on the planet.

Let me salute you all in Azerbaijan again and wish the Forum every success.

Ilham Aliyev
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku city, 1 March 2012.