09 september 2012, 15:25

After completing his visit to Zagatala District, President Ilham Aliyev arrived in Gakh District.

The President visited a new private house built for Abdulla Mammadov in the earthquake-affected Gulluk village of Gakh District. A. Mammadov’s previous house became unusable in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Azerbaijan’s north-western region in early May of this year.

It was noted that the inspection conducted by a commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the aftermath of the earthquake in Gakh District concluded that 3,336 private houses and 19 public facilities were unusable. A total of 295 private homes in the villages of Gulluk, Gapichay, Lakit, Lakit-Kotuklu, Zarna and Fistigli were demolished. Construction is currently under way in 266 of them.

It was noted that the earthquake caused the most serious damage to the village of Gulluk, where there are more than 550 private homes. The powerful earthquake affected every house in the village. On 9 May, President Ilham Aliyev visited the quake-affected area to identify the work to be done. During that visit the President also visited the village of Gulluk and met with the local residents affected by the calamity. After reviewing the consequences, the President gave relevant instructions to demolish the damaged houses and build new ones without delay.

President Aliyev was informed that the total area of A. Mammadov’s private house built by the Ministry of Emergency Situations was 118 square meters. The five-room two-storey house was built in a short time and with high quality. The new house is equipped with necessary facilities.

It was noted that all disaster relief efforts were mobilized. New beautiful homes are under construction in all the affected villages and their construction will be completed in a short time.

The head of state praised by the work done in the house.

Home owner Abdulla Mammadov thanked the President of Azerbaijan for the attention and care on behalf of his family.

Residents of the new house were photographed with the President. 

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