Joint press statements of Presidents of Azerbaijan and Ukrainian

18 november 2013, 16:10

Statement by President Viktor Yanukovych

- Mr President!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Today we once again receive a high-ranking Azerbaijani delegation headed by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev. I am especially pleased to note the atmosphere of understanding, in which our meetings are traditionally held. Our sincere and constructive dialogue certainly contributes to the development and deepening of the strategic partnership between Kiev and Baku.

In today's fourth meeting of the Council of the Presidents of Ukraine and the Azerbaijan Republic, we summed up the results of the work for the period since the previous meeting and discussed in detail plans for further bilateral cooperation in almost all key areas. The President of Azerbaijan and I share the same views and opinions on the development and dynamics of our political dialogue. We believe that in the period of time that passed from the ninth to the tenth session of the intergovernmental Ukrainian-Azerbaijani commission, we significantly improved trade and economic relations. And today we are giving a clear message to our governments that we must not rest on our laurels in any circumstances. We need to continue to improve our relations. We have a number of projects that we intend to implement jointly. And of course, we have to switch to long-term planning in our relations, especially economic and trade relations. I believe that this approach will contribute to filling the strategic partnership with maximum specific content.

Ukraine is a reliable transit country for energy, while Azerbaijan is its reliable supplier. Interaction in the energy sector is one of the priority issues, and our countries have all the conditions for joining forces in the transportation of hydrocarbons to Europe.

Cooperation in this and other issues will strengthen the position of our countries in the Black Sea-Caspian region. We are also discussing the possibilities that open up before the two countries in the field of large-scale infrastructure projects.

Ilham Aliyev and I noted with satisfaction that the approaches of Kiev and Baku coincide on the most pressing issues of the global and regional agenda. Our countries cooperate constructively within international organizations - the UN and the OSCE, of which Ukraine holds the presidency this year. In addition, according to the results of this visit by the President of Azerbaijan, bilateral agreements were signed in foreign policy, agricultural and cultural-humanitarian spheres. Undoubtedly, the decisions taken within the framework of today's bilateral high-level talks will effectively contribute to the deepening of Ukrainian-Azerbaijani strategic partnership.

And, of course, today we are pleased to note that the President of Azerbaijan paid his first state visit to Ukraine. We congratulate Ilham Heydar oglu on his worthy victory and election for another, let's not count which term. This is a sign of stability and a sign of the highest trust of the Azerbaijani people in their leader. Of course, the tradition of Ukrainian-Azerbaijani relations obliges us to ensure that we continually improve these relationships and gain new achievements in trade, economic, humanitarian and other spheres.

For us, the traditional relations of the Azerbaijani and Ukrainian peoples are the foundation for the development of our bilateral relations.

Statement by President Ilham Aliyev

- Thank you, Dear Viktor Fedorovich!

Dear members of the delegation!

Dear representatives of the press.

First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych for inviting me to visit your beautiful country, for the hospitality extended to me and the members of the Azerbaijani delegation, as well as for the congratulations on victory in the presidential election.

I would like to note that my visit is taking place a month after my inauguration. This, I think, speaks for itself. Ukraine is a close partner, a reliable partner, a friendly country and a strategic partner of Azerbaijan. Our relations encompass virtually all sectors of the economy and the social sphere. We actively cooperate, as noted by Viktor Yanukovych, in international organizations.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ukraine on its successful presidency of the OSCE, which is coming to an end, and also to note that this year Azerbaijan is completing its membership in the UN Security Council. It is an indicator of the authority of our countries. We actively participate and contribute to the solution of global issues of world politics. Ukraine and Azerbaijan are countries that are conducting their own independent foreign policy, and our countries actively cooperate with each other in all international organizations and always support each other.

Today we discussed a wide range of issues of mutual interest – and issues related to the economic sphere and the humanitarian sphere. We have some good ideas and good relations at the ministerial level. Questions of the energy-fuel sector have always occupied a special place on the agenda of our relations. Today we discussed how we can cooperate more closely in this area in the future, because there are a lot of areas where we can actively interact. Azerbaijan as an energy producer and Ukraine as a consumer and transit country play an important role in ensuring the energy security of many countries, and cooperation between the Caspian and Black Sea regions, including in the energy sector, is the result of our joint work. Over the years, Azerbaijan has ensured reliable transportation and delivery of its energy reserves to the markets of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and world markets.

Also there is a good tradition of cooperation in the military-technical sphere. Here we are also reliable partners and have long tested each other. I think that there is good potential for increasing cooperation in this field. In the sphere of joint scientific research, there are also good prospects.

The agreements signed today also focus on the areas where we believe there is good potential. These are issues of interregional cooperation. I believe that we need to increase our efforts to bring our regions closer, and we must take seriously such good practice as twin cities.

Issues related to agricultural policy, where Ukraine has huge potential both in terms of production and export, of course, are important for us in terms of Azerbaijan's food security.

In other words, in many areas of cooperation, we have good, positive results. I must say that in Azerbaijan, Ukraine is known and loved. The Ukrainian language is studied at Baku Slavic University. That is to say in the humanitarian sphere, we are also doing well. Today we determined ways of the further development of relations in the humanitarian sphere, including in holding Days of Culture of our countries, in order to develop intercultural dialogue. There are good prospects for that.

I must say that I am very satisfied with the results of my visit. Viktor Fedorovich and I held a thorough exchange of views on major regional and international issues. As Viktor Fedorovich noted, our views coincide. We are friends and partners, and after the visit, I think, our partnership will rise to an even higher level.

Once again I want to thank Viktor Fedorovich for his hospitality and wish the fraternal Ukrainian people well-being and prosperity.

Thank you.