Ilham Aliyev reviewed the progress in the construction work on the Baku Olympic Stadium

28 february 2014, 11:00

President Ilham Aliyev has reviewed how construction work on the Baku Olympic Stadium is progressing.

Azerbaijan is world-renowned as a sporting country. The decision to hold in our country such a prestigious sporting event as the first European Games graphically demonstrates this once again. The sustained social and political stability in the country, the sweeping economic development, the constant rise in Azerbaijan’s world prestige and authority, the holding of major international sporting events in our republic and the rich experience acquired in this field undoubtedly played an important role in the adoption of this decision. As instructed by the head of state, who attaches great significance to the development of sport as a priority sphere, work is being carried out consistently to create the most modern sporting infrastructure in the capital and the regions. Olympic sports complexes have been built and opened in all regions of the country. Attention to and care for sportsmen is on the rise. Azerbaijan’s sportsmen and women are scoring one brilliant victory after the other in the most prestigious world competitions. The ranks of our sportsmen and women who have won gold medals in world championships and international Olympic events are swelling year by year. The holding of such an important sporting event as the first European Games in Azerbaijan is evidence of the trust in our state internationally.

The first European Games may not be far off but the preparation work for this important event in our country is top-notch.

The construction of key infrastructure facilities such as the Palace of Water Sports, the National Gymnastics Arena, the Baku Shooting Centre and others is continuing in the republic’s capital. The Baku Olympic Stadium where various sporting events are to be held is another and, with its original design, it will be a magnificent and unique world sports facility.

President of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic Rovnag Abdullayev updated the head of state in detail on the work done on the project.

Various views of the stadium were shown to the President of Azerbaijan. It was noted that the latest equipment and materials are being used in the construction work.

It was noted that the logo of the Baku Olympic Stadium is striking by its excellence. Cutting-edge global experience is being applied in the construction of the stadium.

It was reported that construction organizations of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan had prepared the territory where the stadium is situated for the construction work. The implementation of the project got under way in November 2012.

The foundation stone of the 70,000-capacity Baku Olympic Stadium was laid in 2011 at a ceremony attended by the head of state. The stadium is being built in line with the latest standards. A large part of the project’s work has already been completed. The main stadium is being built here, along with an ancillary stadium for training and an auxiliary building.

The sports facility will also have a sector for disabled spectators. The stadium project is notable for its economic viability, modernity and functionality and is in maximum keeping with the architecture of the capital and proposed technical specifications. In line with international Olympic standards, it is envisaged that the spectators will travel to and from the stadium mostly by public transport.

It was reported that a 3,100-capacity car park will be built on the territory. The area around the stadium will be given a major face-lift and broad-scale landscaping will be carried out.

When he had reviewed the progress of the construction work, President Ilham Aliyev gave appropriate instructions and recommendations.