Ilham Aliyev reviewed progress of construction of a number of road junctions and overpasses in Baku

07 march 2014, 10:30

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has reviewed progress of construction of a number of road junctions and overpasses in the capital. 

Important steps have been taken in the capital and regions in recent years to establish an advanced road infrastructure. Numerous overpasses, bridges, tunnels, underground and above-ground pedestrian crossings and roads meeting international standards are under construction throughout the country. All of this work is carried out in accordance with the "State program on the renewal and development of the road network in Azerbaijan for 2006-2015". As a result of the focused activities carried out within the framework of these programs, different road infrastructure facilities built and put into operation with high quality.

According to an order of President Ilham Aliyev, work is also under way on projects to improve traffic management and the road infrastructure in the city of Baku. The construction of new road junctions, bridges, underground and above-ground pedestrian crossings is aimed at eliminating traffic congestion in Baku and contributing to people’s comfort. The improvement of the road transport system as a social measure is also an indicator of the economic strength of our country. The ambitious infrastructure projects implemented in the country at the current stage are evidence of the fact that the successes of recent years not only fully unlock the potential of Azerbaijan, but also confirm that the steps calculated for the future development of our country are taken in the right direction.

The President was first familiarized with the progress of construction of an overpass at the intersection of Ziya Bunyadov Avenue and Muzaffar Narimanov Street.

Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov informed the President about the work being done.

In accordance with the Action Plan on improving the transport system of Baku and a project on the reconstruction of Ziya Bunyadov Avenue, the 10-lane road stretching about 10 kilometers is being built in line with the most modern requirements. According to the project, five road junctions, four above-ground and two underground pedestrian crossings are being constructed. The first road junction at the intersection of Ziya Bunyadov Avenue and Muzaffar Narimanov Street consists of a tunnel and roads above the tunnel providing for the circular movement and a U-turn of transport vehicles. The total length of the tunnel is 780 and of its closed part 300 meters. The width of the six-lane road is about 27 meters. The tunnel will provide for unhindered traffic along Ziya Bunyadov Avenue towards Boyukshor and 20 January roundabouts. The roads built above the tunnel will provide for circular movement of vehicles, their U-turn and movement along the Muzaffar Narimanov Street in the direction of Heydar Aliyev Avenue and back. The total length of the four-lane reconstructed road along Muzaffar Narimanov Street is 1,740 and the width 19 meters.


Then, President Ilham Aliyev arrived at the multi-level road junction being under construction at the intersection of Ziya Bunyadov Avenue and Ahmad Rajabli Street.

The President was also informed about the ongoing work. He was told that the length of the road junction together with entrances is 600 meters. The 328-meter bridge has six lanes in both directions. To facilitate the movement of pedestrians, an above-ground pedestrian crossing has also been built near the bridge.

It was indicated that the previous road to the city was too narrow, which hindered traffic and led to congestions. After the new road and the bridges under construction along the road are built, they will provide for a comfortable and smooth movement of vehicles in this direction and facilitate traffic in the direction of the various districts of the capital, in particular Binagadi.


Then, President Ilham Aliyev examined the progress of construction work at a multi-level road junction at the intersections of Ziya Bunyadov Avenue with Abdulvahab Salamzadeh, Ali Mustafayev and Huseynbala Aliyev Streets - Khutorskoy Roundabout.

The President was informed about the technical parameters of road junction. It was noted that three tunnels, a bridge and two underground pedestrian underpasses were under construction at this junction. The length of the bridge will be 630 meters. According to the project, access and above-tunnel roads are built at the interchange. After the commissioning of this junction, cars can move freely along Ziya Bunyadov Avenue in the direction of 20 January Roundabout and Galaba Square. In addition, the interchange will provide a way out from 20 January Roundabout and Galaba Square in the opposite direction towards Ziya Bunyadov Avenue. The bridge on this junction will provide vehicles with free movement across Abdulvahab Salamzadeh in the direction of Rashid Mammadov Street and back.

Communication systems, including water, gas, communication and rainwater lines, have been replaced on all of the road junctions and underpasses under construction. A new drainage system has been put in place.

The commissioning of the new mega-structure confirms once again that the work carried out in the capital to eliminate traffic congestion has assumed extensive proportions. The successful implementation of such projects proves again that the main objective of the social measures is to provide for people’s comfort.

After reviewing the progress of the construction work, the President gave appropriate instructions.