Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony of a new building of the “Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia” science center

05 may 2014, 12:20

A new building of the “Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia” science center was opened in a ceremony on 5 May.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony.

The rapid progress under way in Azerbaijan under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev has opened up extensive opportunities for the development, along with many other areas, of science and conservation of national and spiritual values??. The focus has also been on measures to develop the "Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia" science center.

Encyclopedic culture has a history in Azerbaijan. This area experienced its heyday during the leadership of nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev. The "Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia", published with active support of the great leader in 1976-1987, went down in history as the country's first fundamental research on all aspects of knowledge and information. The publication of this 10-volume encyclopedia with the assistance of a large team of academics was a historic event for the republic’s scientific and cultural life at the time.

After Azerbaijan restored its independence, the issue of publishing a universal national encyclopedia became relevant again. The Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia was expected to become a scientific publication describing different stages in the development of Azerbaijan, national and spiritual wealth of the Azerbaijani people, as well as the achievements of world science and culture. In order to facilitate the implementation of this nationally important work and put in place the material and technical base required for the development and publication of the encyclopedia at a high scientific level, President Ilham Aliyev signed orders "On the publication of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia" and "On the establishment of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia science center" in different years.

The ideology of Azerbaijanism was chosen as the core principle in the preparation of a new national encyclopedia. Such important tasks as compliance with the country’s requirements in the new phase of its development and objective coverage of important historical, political, scientific and cultural events in the life of the Azerbaijani people were identified. First volumes of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia, published under the editorship of President Ilham Aliyev, have already been disclosed. In order to improve the efficiency of research activities, conduct research work in line with modern technologies and prepare information in a more detailed and wide format, President Ilham Aliyev signed another important document on 25 July 2012 – the Order on the construction of a new building of the “Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia" science center of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, which was received well by the scientific community. According to the order, an initial 5 million manats were allocated from the Contingency Fund of the President for the construction of the building. The new building of the "Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia" science center has been constructed in accordance with the highest standards and is now ready for operation.

President Ilham Aliyev cut the ribbon symbolizing the opening of the new building of the "Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia" science center.

The president of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Academician Akif Alizadeh, informed the President about the work done. It was noted that the new center, built on the territory of an academic camp, is based on the latest technology and has all the conditions for effective work. In the lobby there is a bust of nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev, who initiated the creation of Azerbaijan’s first encyclopedia.

President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the library of the center.

The director of the "Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia" science center and the executive secretary of the editorial staff, Academician Tofig Nagiyev, said that also on display was "Azerbaijan" special edition of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia. The edition dedicated to the Republic of Azerbaijan describes the country's past and present, its ancient history and modern life, natural resources and geopolitics, advances in science, education and culture. Thus, an unparalleled collection of new and detailed information about Azerbaijan has been prepared. In 2007, the edition was published in the Azerbaijani language and in 2012 in Russian. At present, work is under way on the English version of the "Azerbaijan" edition. Also displayed at the library is a copy of the world’s first encyclopedia published in 847. The chairperson of the editorial staff of the "Encyclopedia of Azerbaijani Mugham", published in 2012, is the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva.

The center’s library also exhibits other new editions of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia and booklets of bibliographic data about them. The center is well suited for the work of editorial staff and employees.

President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the assembly and conference rooms of the center. The rooms have all the facilities for conducting events of national and international importance. A book depository, a mini-publishing house and a communication system enabling the application of modern information technology will enhance the opportunities for a better reflection of the past and present of our country in the national encyclopedia.

The area around the center, covering a total area of 7,500 square meters, has been extensively landscaped.

President Ilham Aliyev praised the work done and gave relevant instructions and recommendations.

In conclusion, a picture was taken.