From Executive Secretary of the CIS Executive Committee, Sergey Lebedev

24 december 2010, 20:30

Dear Ilham Heydar oglu,

Please accept my best wishes on the occasion of your birthday. You are successfully channeling your talents as a leader and patriot into the progress and better well-being of your citizens.

Under your leadership, Azerbaijan is pursuing an active foreign policy and acting as a reliable and constructive partner in the solution of important international and regional problems.

I am confident that your strength and energy, your experience as a state and political figure will continue to contribute to the development of neighborly relations and strategic partnership and to the enhancement of integration and mutually beneficial activities among members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the attention you are paying to the activities of the Commonwealth of Independent States and for your consistent and constructive policies towards strengthening and developing integration processes within the CIS.

Dear Ilham Heydar oglu,

Please allow me to wish you good health, prosperity and further successes in your diverse state activities.

Your respectfully,
Sergey Lebedev
Executive Secretary, CIS Executive Committee 

Minsk, 24.12.2010.