Ilham Aliyev checked out the construction-restoration works in “Imamzadeh” religious complex of Ganja

09 february 2011, 18:00

President Ilham Aliyev checked out the construction-restoration works in “Imamzadeh” religious complex, located in the area of Ganja State Historical and Cultural Reserve.

Official representative of Chairman of the Clerical Office of the Caucasus Muslims to the Western regions, Haji Tahir Abbasov presented a “Koran” to the President.

President Ilham Aliyev talked about the care demonstrated by the state to sanctuaries, holy places, and religious monuments in Azerbaijan.

President’s signing of the Order on repair, restoration and reconstruction of the “Imamzadeh” religious complex, which is one of the valuable examples of medieval Azerbaijani architecture, and the allocation of funds in the amount of 3 million AZN from the Reserve Fund of the President are the manifestation of the state care for these works.
The construction works at the “Imamzadeh” complex, initiated in April of the previous year, are due to end by the end of the current year. More than 10 thousand square meters of asphalt was layered and 4400 pogonometer of decorative pavement has been laid over 2.5 hectares of area. 100 meters-long, 15 meters-wide complex is being built in the area. Five big and 36 small domes will be built and a modern lighting system will be installed. Local materials are being used during construction. Old entrance gates of the complex would be restored as a historical monument.

“Imamzadeh”, or “Goy imam” tomb was built over the grave of 5th Imam Ibrahim, the son of Mahammad Bagir. Engravings on the interior side of the mausoleum’s dome confirm this fact.

It is presumed that the “Imamzadeh” mausoleum was built at the end of 14th – beginning of 15th century, while the mosque, vault and other tombs date back to the 17th century. All of these buildings were maintained as great religious-historic complexes. The “Imamzadeh” mausoleum, last restored by the initiative of major-general Israfil bey Yadigarzadeh in 1878-79, has fallen into desuetude during the Soviet period.

“Imamzadeh” has turned into a sanctuary of pious people, arriving from Azerbajian, as well as other countries. Aside from proving the antiquity of the city of Ganja, this religious complex also manifests its place and repute in the Islamic world.

President Ilham Aliyev visited Ibrahim’s tomb and gave instructions and suggestions regarding the construction works.