Ilham Aliyev reviewed Goychay District Central Hospital after major overhaul

06 october 2015, 22:25

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has reviewed Goychay District Central Hospital after major overhaul.

Health Minister Ogtay Shiraliyev informed the head of state about the work done here.

The 170-bed hospital, which occupies a total area of 12,000 square meters, and a two-storey consultative polyclinic were fully reconstructed.

The hospital houses X-ray diagnostics, X-ray, computed tomography, gynecology, urology, traumatology, internal medicine, anesthesia and intensive care departments, and a laboratory.

The reconstructed building is provided with modern medical equipment.

The hospital employs 102 doctors and 223 nurses.

After reviewing the hospital, the head of state met with its staff and representatives of the district`s general public.

President Ilham Aliyev said:

- I am glad to see you. I am very delighted to have reviewed this wonderful hospital because such a wonderful medical center fitted with the latest equipment has been established in Goychay. There are good conditions here. This, first of all, demonstrates the power of our country, because excellent medical centers meeting the highest international standards are being set up throughout Azerbaijan. There is equipment here that is available in the most advanced medical centers of the world. And this is the way it should be.

Ten years ago, during the implementation of the first program of regional development, I said that every city must have a hospital or a diagnostic center, a medical facility meeting the latest standards. Today, such wonderful health centers are available not only in Baku, but also in every district.

Today I attended the opening of a district hospital in Ujar, and now in Goychay. We can say there is no city in Azerbaijan that would not have a modern medical facility. I am told that hundreds of medical workers are employed here. And this means jobs. I am sure that patients will be provided with qualified service. There is no need to travel to Baku for treatment. I am sure that you, doctors, will treat patients well and they will find a cure here.

I am particularly pleased with the maternity unit, because this area has received great attention in recent years. As a result of the reforms carried out, infant and maternal mortality have sharply reduced in Azerbaijan. The creation of modern maternity hospitals and units will further advance our work in this direction, because in the Soviet period the rate of infant mortality in Azerbaijan was higher than in other republics. We have dramatically reduced this statistics in recent years. In the coming years we need to rise to the level of developed countries, and there are all possibilities for that. First of all, we have created the material and technical base of healthcare. It has been created practically from scratch, both in Baku and in all our regions.

Today, doctors improve their professionalism, the process of improvement continues, there is advanced equipment. The results achieved in the field of public health in Azerbaijan rest on a solid foundation. This includes the strengthening of the material and technical infrastructure and qualitative improvement of the healthcare system.

Among social issues, human health is of top priority, and today Azerbaijan has achieved excellent results in this area. But healthcare alone is not enough for human health. There should be other conditions as well. And they are already there.

Today, we celebrated the opening of a drinking water project in Goychay. The population has been supplied clean drinking water for some time now. The entire city is connected to the network. The issue of drinking water, which remained a serious problem for years, has already been eliminated. As in other regions, we celebrated the opening of a drinking water project in Ujar.

As you know, as a result of the measures taken on the pharmaceuticals market in recent years, the situation has changed for the better. People are already feeling it in their daily lives. Prices on some drugs have dropped several times. At the same time, a lot of attention is paid to quality. This issue is gradually being addressed. I am sure that by the end of the year the price of most drugs will be reduced because the government has taken this area under its control.

We live in a market economy where open market regulates everything, including prices. However, we saw that medicines in Azerbaijan were more expensive than in neighboring countries. We began to study this issue and found out that there were huge loopholes both in the rules and oversight procedures. Therefore, the state has taken this mission upon itself. Prices of all medicines will be the same at all points of sale. The quality will also be high. This is a very serious social initiative. At the same time, it has a great impact directly on human health, especially the health of the older generation.

Thus, social policy in Azerbaijan has reached a point when it can be studied by other countries, because, at the same time, we are working on issues of the market economy and social matters. What is the social sphere? It is a sphere that concerns and interests people the most. It solves their problems. Despite the fact that 2015 was economically difficult – it is already drawing to a close – not a single social program has been delayed. On the contrary, even in the economically difficult year we are opening such wonderful hospitals.

I have recently visited Agsu District. I saw that the construction of a hospital which had started on my initiative was unfinished. I asked why and was told that the problem was caused by a lack of funds. Immediately after my return to Baku, 10 million manats were allocated to the Ministry of Health from the Contingency Fund of the President to complete the job. In other words, where there is a strong will, everything can be done. Hospitals, schools, kindergartens and other social facilities, infrastructure projects, drinking water, gasification – these are the main factors necessary for a normal life, of course.

I am told that gas supply to Goychay will reach 96 per cent before the end of the year. Gasification in the whole of Azerbaijan has not reached 96 per cent yet. At the moment, it is at a level of about 60 per cent and will reach 96 per cent.

Rural roads are built. Today we celebrated the opening of the Ujar-Goychay highway. You have probably used this road too and can see the difference. All of these projects require major funds. The funds invested in the infrastructure sector are highly unlikely ever to return to the budget. The chances of that are close to zero. Why are we doing this? First of all, for our people. On the other hand, we do this for the development of our country. Therefore, if we had not adopted a program on regional development in 2004, most of this work would have remained outstanding. We do all our work systematically. The first program of regional development reflected the core issues. That program was over-fulfilled. The second program was adopted in 2009 and has also been implemented. The third program is already under way. It will be completed in 2018. By that time, all infrastructure and social issues will be resolved. So the main conditions for normal development are already provided.

Of course, we look to the future. 2016 will also be a difficult year for the economy. We know and need to know this. But I do not see any problems for a successful development of our country next year. All social programs will be implemented and economic development will be secured. Foreign and domestic funds will be invested in Azerbaijan. Our country will fully maintain security and stability.

Today, we watching the processes taking place in the world. We see the tragic and horrific events unfolding in our region. Azerbaijan has provided stability, development, prosperity and security. Everything is determined by comparison. In good times, a person might have thought that things are good everywhere. But look at out our region, the Middle East and Europe today – they are engulfed by crisis. Some countries are experiencing an economic, political, military and moral crisis. These countries cannot remain committed to the values enshrined by them. Meanwhile, our values are obvious. National and spiritual values, Azerbaijanism, national and religious tolerance, social and economic development and self-reliance – these are the main factors that contribute to our development.

I am very delighted with the creative and landscaping work carried out in Goychay. I last visited Goychay five years ago. Despite this, the work carried out here is always in the spotlight. But what I have seen here pleases me a lot. The city becomes even more beautiful and confortable. Goychay is a very beautiful town. This has always been the case. There is a solid foundation here. You have preserved the principles of urban planning. I want to say that the mechanisms and principles of urban design applied in Goychay are not available in every city. The city is beautiful and very green. The ongoing repair work, the creation of parks and public spaces make the city even more beautiful.

Today, Goychay is one of the most beautiful cities of Azerbaijan. This pleases me very much. I cordially congratulate you on this occasion. I can tell you that we are going to do a lot to develop the district and the city. I congratulate you on the opening of the central hospital again.