Ilham Aliyev attended a ceremony marking the completion of a project to reconstruct water supply system of Ujar

06 october 2015, 18:55

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended a ceremony marking the completion of a project to reconstruct water supply system of the city of Ujar.

President of AzerSu Open Joint Stock Company Gorkhmaz Huseynov informed the head of state that measures aimed at improving the supply of drinking water to rural population are being continued as part of the State Program on the socioeconomic development of districts. The project is aimed at improving water and sewerage system for 22,000 residents of Ujar.  Overall, the project will benefit 59,000 people. As part of the project, a new administrative building was built for Ujar Sukanal Department. The building has a state-of-the-art laboratory.

President Ilham Aliyev reviewed the conditions created at the building, which covers a total area of 720 square meters.

A SCADA control center was created here. One of the highlights of the center is a Geographic Information System, which was introduced in the city of Ujar to enable management of the entire network infrastructure by digital maps based on geographic data. This system won two prestigious international competitions.

The project to reconstruct water supply and sewage system of Ujar was financed from the state budget. According to the project, Kulullu water reservoir of the Girdimanchay river was chosen as a source of continuous drinking water supply to the city of Ujar and surrounding villages.

President Ilham Aliyev started the installation supplying water into the network.

Then, the head of state met with representatives of the Ujar District public.

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said:

- I am very pleased to come to Ujar District. I am glad that Ujar District is developing successfully and rapidly. A few years ago I attended a few opening ceremonies here, including the opening of the Heydar Aliyev Center. From that time to this day, the district has been developing very fast. Extensive creative and landscaping work is being done. Buildings are constructed and parks set up. This pleases me very much because I want to see each district of Azerbaijan well-maintained and beautiful, our cities to become ever prettier and our people to have all the necessary conditions. I am glad that Ujar District is changing rapidly and getting nicer.

At the same time, we are successfully implementing all social and infrastructure projects of the district. Of top priority among them, of course, is the project of drinking water because clean drinking water is the main condition for human health. As you know, the implementation of drinking water and sewage projects in our country has gained momentum. Several years ago, we set the task of resolving the problem of drinking water and sewage in all our cities. For some time now, the problem of drinking water in the city of Ujar has been resolved. Water is supplied from a nice and clean source. I am told that all households have water supply. This is a great historic achievement because the problem of drinking water in Azerbaijan has always been very serious. Certain work was done in the Soviet period, but we could not resolve the issue completely. You, too, will remember that water was supplied either intermittently for a few hours a day or was not supplied at all. Now this problem has been resolved. I am sure that within two to three years this issue will be resolved in all other districts. In many districts, it has already been resolved. In Ujar District, water is supplied not only to the city but also to 15 settlements and villages. The sewage project will be completed in 2017, so this issue will be completely removed.

We are also implementing other infrastructure projects. By the end of this year, we will ensure complete gasification supply – it will reach almost 90 per cent. This is also a great achievement because in previous years gasification was at a very low level. In fact, even the district center remained without gas. Today, we can say that gas lines are laid to all villages. This is a great achievement because it brings people comfort. At the same time, the use of gas is more cost-effective.

Electricity projects are being implemented even more rapidly now, especially after the establishment of "Azerishyg". Rural roads are built. Currently, the Baku-Ujar highway is under construction. A small portion from Kurdamir to Ujar remains outstanding, but its construction will also be completed soon. Today, we will put into operation the Ujar-Goychay highway.

In Ujar District we are building social facilities as well. A Youth Centre has been constructed, parks are set up, etc. In other words, this is how Azerbaijan should develop. There should be creative work, improvement and social development everywhere. The social sphere is of biggest concern to people, and sometimes it worries them. Today we also celebrated the opening of a new Central District Hospital. The hospital pleases the eye and meets the highest international standards. The conditions and equipment there are at the highest level.

This is our approach. The people of Azerbaijan are at the heart of our policy. Azerbaijani citizens should have everything they need. But to achieve this, our economy, of course, should become even stronger and develop even more rapidly. The purpose of the program on the regional development lies in the fact that the regions, villages, towns and district centers should create the necessary conditions for people to live comfortably, create jobs with high wages and expand business opportunities. I can say that these main priorities are evident in the example of Ujar District.

Today I got acquainted with a poultry farm. It is a modern industrial enterprise. There is job creation and increased domestic production. Most importantly, we must now become self-sufficient in food. The commissioning of this plant will enable us to provide ourselves with poultry by 100 per cent. Just 10 years ago we could not provide ourselves even by 50 per cent. We depended on foreign countries, on imports, and our money went abroad. Today, the money stays in Azerbaijan, local businesses work, earn money and pay wages to workers. The majority of workers in this factory are women. These are jobs for women. Where there is a well thought-out policy, there is development. Azerbaijan conducts a thought-out policy. That is exactly why we are coping with the crisis experienced throughout the region and the world. This is a test. I have always said that Azerbaijan is a space of stability and security. The people of Azerbaijan live and should live in safety and stability. Only in this case can our country develop. Where security and stability are violated, the country breaks up, the economy is in recession, social problems and other negative phenomena emerge.

We in Azerbaijan conduct a policy to protect ourselves, insure ourselves against all possible risks, and we are achieving that. Why? Because this is due to the unity between the people and the authorities. Because Azerbaijan pursues independent and sound policies in the economic sphere and on the international arena. We are only concerned about the interests of the Azerbaijani people. Everything the people of Azerbaijan are interested in will be realized. If there is an initiative outside of our interest, we will not join it. This is why we are exposed to pressure sometimes. However, we are meeting the main objective – security, development of Azerbaijan, well-being and happiness of our people.

The negative picture observed in the world and the region today draws attention to the successful model of our development. Our country is an example. I say this not to praise ourselves. We, too, make mistakes. But if we look at the developments unfolding in today's world, we will see that public processes and economic development in Azerbaijan are moving in the right direction. Even though the oil price has dropped more than in half and our revenues declined, the citizens of Azerbaijan should not feel it. Wages and pensions are paid on time, reforms are under way, and our international image strengthens with each passing day because a thought-out policy is at the heart of this successful development model, of course. We have always tried to rely on our own resources. This is why we do not depend on anyone. We have built our life ourselves, and it is a good life.

At the same time, we all know that a lot remains to be done. Creation, improvement, development, reforms and social justice – all these issues are always in the spotlight both in Baku and in all our regions. One of the goals behind my regular visits to the regions is to get acquainted with the situation, ask how things are going and what are the issues of concern, so that we could address them. We are going along this path, and I am sure that the major infrastructure and social issues facing the country will be resolved in the next few years.

In Ujar District, we have resolved the problem of drinking water. By the end of this year, we will resolve the problem of gasification practically in full. Rural roads have been built. But as long as there is a need for that, their construction will be continued. Of course, it is necessary to organize the repairs of apartment buildings. We will take extra measures for that. Enterprise development should go even faster. It is necessary to create new businesses. The main issues on our agenda after the completion of infrastructure projects will be agriculture and industrial production.

Today, during familiarization with the poultry farm, I was informed in general about the processes occurring in Aran economic region, in Ujar District, and about the allocated loans. The government, for its part, supports entrepreneurs, provides soft loans, machinery and fertilizer, and creates the necessary conditions. There is also political support. Business people should work hard. Local executive authorities should also help, not hinder. Then businesses will develop even faster. I have already said this and I want to say again that our economy should work so that we do not depend on the oil price. So far we are. The oil price has fallen more than in half and our revenues have declined. But if we develop our non-oil sector even faster, the oil price will not matter much. This is the main direction that constitutes a priority.

I am sure that Ujar District will become even more beautiful because you have created such excellent conditions here. I am very happy about that. I last visited here in 2011 and there is a very big change. I congratulate you on these changes and wish you continued success.