Message of congratulation to Azerbaijani women on the occasion of 8 March, the International Day of Women

07 march 2011, 15:00

Dear women! 

I would like to sincerely congratulate you, all the women of Azerbaijan, on the International Day of Women, 8 March, and wish each one of you good health, family happiness and success in your work. 

This year the women’s holiday falls on the days when we are getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the restoration of our country’s state independence. By securing, in the years of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, the first democratic state in the East, the right to elect and be elected, Azerbaijani women started actively participating in the public and political life of our country. Through rapid education our women have remained faithful to the centuries-long national values, have become the most reliable foundation of the native language, culture and ethics. Contemporary Azerbaijani women, as bearers of high dignity and strong will of our outstanding female personalities from the unforgettable past and of the wisdom of silver-haired mothers, carry on serving their people and society with their profound intellect and insatiable inner potential.

Over the 20 years that have elapsed since the restoration of our state independence, Azerbaijani women have become active participants in the construction of the national state, made a valuable contribution to the strengthening of the socioeconomic, intellectual and cultural potential of the country. Through successes made in the areas of science and education, public health, culture and other spheres, our women have consistently promoted their authority in society. Our women’s achievements in the construction of civil society are very gratifying indeed. The stability and democratic environment in the country are providing all the necessary conditions for our women to fully realize their natural talent and creative abilities in the coming years.

I do hope that you, the women of Azerbaijan, will continue paying special attention to raising the young generation in the spirit of dedication to national customs and traditions, the Azerbaijani ideology, and apply all your efforts, knowledge and skills in the name of the future of our dynamically developing country. 


Ilham Aliyev 

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Baku city, 7 March 2011