Closing speech by Ilham Aliyev at the trilateral meeting of Azerbaijani, Iranian and Russian presidents

08 august 2016, 20:45

Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Dear colleagues!

After a few minutes, the Joint Declaration of the Summit will be signed. Hard work on the Declaration has been under way for two days. Meetings in a bilateral format have been held for two days. I met with President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mr. Rouhani yesterday and with President of Russia Putin today. Also today, there was a meeting between the presidents of Russia and Iran. These meetings are of great importance. In fact, the tripartite format we have created is based on bilateral connections.

I am also glad that Azerbaijan’s relations with Russia and Iran and Russia's ties with Iran are at a high level. The development of these relations allows us the opportunity today not only to talk about a new format of cooperation, but also to create it. The Joint Declaration to be signed today reflects the work done, our intentions, positions and our views of the future.

The region we live in is very complex. It is full of risks and threats. Unfortunately, these risks are not reducing but gradually growing. Under such circumstances, tripartite cooperation is essential for regional security.

The trilateral cooperation among Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan is a stabilizing factor in the region. I believe that together we will not only defend our countries from possible risks, but also, in a broader sense, deepen cooperation in the region.

The agenda today is very extensive. My colleagues have spoken about this in their speeches. Of course, we should further strengthen our political ties in the future. We are neighbors. We have good neighborly relations and should strengthen this unity. At the same time, additional measures will be taken to improve our export potential in the economic sphere and increase in turnover. Relevant ministers from our delegations have met to discuss this issue and reached a certain agreement. There are excellent opportunities, in particular, for cooperation in the field of transport and energy. This cooperation has been established through the efforts of the three countries, and many countries will join that. The "North-South" transport corridor we are creating will provide for the security of our countries and for our economic interests.

I noted in my opening remarks that our relations are underpinned by sincere cooperation and good intentions. We show and prove that this is possible. Sometimes neighbors experience problems and conflicts. Fortunately, the relations between us are only based on friendship, mutual understanding and mutual respect. We support each other, trust each other and rely on each other.

We demonstrate an excellent format of cooperation both to the region and the whole world. I am confident that the results of this Summit will be very successful. All the issues reflected in the Declaration will be fulfilled, and our people will live better, in safety, peace, tranquility and prosperity.

I would like to once again express my gratitude to my colleagues. It was noted here that this meeting was initiated by Azerbaijan. While on an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran in February this year, I discussed this issue with President Rouhani. I got a very positive response from him. Then I got in touch with President Putin. His attitude was also very positive. Later, in April, the foreign ministers of the three countries met in Baku and worked very hard to prepare for this Summit.

The Joint Declaration we will sign today is a very serious political document. Today's meeting is historic because it is based on history. Our peoples have been together for centuries. At the same time, it is the first such meeting in history. I am confident that this meeting will be continued and further cooperation among our countries will deepen.

And now let’s move on to the signing ceremony.