Ilham Aliyev attended ceremony to launch water supply systems in Saatli district

28 march 2017, 11:00

President Ilham Aliyev has attended a ceremony to launch water supply systems in the city of Saatli.

Chairman of Azersu Gorkhmaz Huseynov informed the head of state of the work carried out under the project, which is part of “National Water Supply and Sanitation Project” co-funded by the Azerbaijani government and the World Bank. The project is designed to improve water supply and sanitation services for 22,000 people in the city of Saatli. The project will see improvement of water supply of 17,000 people in seven villages in Saatli district.

The project featured the construction of two water reservoirs with the capacity of 5,000 cubic metres each, and a pumping station. A 137km-long water distribution network was built to ensure drinking water supply to the entire city of Saatli.

The head of state then pressed a button to launch water supply systems.