On behalf of Young Friends of Azerbaijan Club: Lithuanian co-chair Salomeja Lukaite Greek co-chair Dimitrios Asproulis

17 may 2017, 17:00

His Excellency Mr Ilham Aliyev President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Your Excellency, Mr President!

We, Young Friends of Azerbaijan from various countries of the world have gathered together on our own initiative on 10th-11th of May 2017 at the international theoretical and practical conference in Augsburg – one of the multicultural centres of Germany – in tribute to the memory of the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. Here we spent unforgettable pleasant days and got to know each other better.

Representatives of Azerbaijan and 17 foreign universities, dozens of student members of the Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan have joined this memorable event in order to share our opinions and impressions of Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism, the ambiance of tolerance in this country and the successful state policy applied in this direction. Holding this conference is a vivid embodiment of the next spiritual unification of Young Friends of Azerbaijan living in different countries of the world.

Declaration by Your decree 2016 – a Year for Multiculturalism and 2017 – a Year for Islamic Solidarity in Azerbaijan shows one more time that there is no place for discrimination among people of different cultures in your sunny country. Events we attended and various places of worship we visited together with participants of International Multiculturalism Summer and Winter Schools encouraged by You was the evident proof of what we heard about Azerbaijan as a place of multiculturalism and tolerance.

The Public Union of “Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan” was created in summer 2016 within the framework of III International Multiculturalism School on “Multiculturalism as a way of life in Azerbaijan: ethnic and religious values”, a project jointly implement by Baku International Multiculturalism Center (BIMC) and Knowledge Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan with students from 16 countries participating. Today there are more than 200 members of this club. The members of the Club make a large contribution to the rightful cause of raising awareness within global community about the Azerbaijani model of multiculturalism, its culture and history and the Azerbaijani realities. Various events are being organized in this direction. We try our best to convey the message to all that the people and state of Azerbaijan deserves the highest appreciation: because of its unique multicultural values in general and especially for the respect, empathy and care the ethnic and religious diversity existing in its area centuries-long is being treated with. Thus, by hosting this conference organized by BIMC and Augsburg University we, Young Friends of Azerbaijan would like to show again our respect to the friendly Azerbaijani nation and the state.

Dear Mr. President!

We would like to inform You that we leave this conference dedicated to the memory of National Leader much impressed and we will carry the love to Azerbaijan in our hearts again.

With infinite love to You and to the Land of Fire, of which You are the President,

On behalf of Young Friends of Azerbaijan Club:

Lithuanian co-chair Salomeja Lukaite

Greek co-chair Dimitrios Asproulis