His Excellency Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of the Republic of Turkey

21 may 2017, 21:05

Dear Mr. President,

Dear brother,

I extend my sincere greetings and congratulations to you on your re-election as Chairman of the Justice and Development Party, the leading political force in the brotherly Turkey.

Great works have been done in the brotherly Republic of Turkey since the party headed and founded by you came to power 15 years ago. The political, economic, social and other projects have paved the way for Turkey to become more powerful and occupy an important place on the international arena.

Having personally played an exceptional role in all these accomplishments, you went down in Turkey`s history of statehood. Your re-election as Chairman of the party that you founded clearly testifies to party members` limitless confidence and trust in you and is appreciation of your services to the development and well-being of Turkey.

We are very happy for every success of a strong and stable Republic of Turkey, which has become a power center on the international arena. Built on the foundations of friendship and brotherhood, Azerbaijan-Turkey relationship is absolutely unique in the world. This relationship stems from the will of our peoples, who have historically been bound together by indissoluble ties.

Our strategic alliance is characterized by multifaceted bilateral relations, close mutual cooperation, large-scale joint projects. Azerbaijan-Turkey partnership not only serves to establish peace and stability in our region, but also contributes to cooperation in a wider geographic area. I'm confident that through our joint efforts Turkey-Azerbaijan solidarity and strategic alliance will continue to strengthen and expand in the best interests of our peoples.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you my best wishes for your robust health, success in your endeavors, and for lasting peace and prosperity of the brotherly people of Turkey.


Ilham Aliyev

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Chairman of the New Azerbaijan Party

Baku, 21 May, 2017