Speech by Ilham Aliyev at the meeting with local resident of Jojug Marjanli village Haziyev`s family members

14 june 2017, 18:45

It is a significant and historic day in the life of our country today. It is the day of the restoration of the village of Jojug Marjanli. I congratulate you and all the Azerbaijani people on this wonderful occasion.

The restoration of the village of Jojug Marjanli is a historic event indeed. You, the people living in this village, know its history very well. The story of Jojug Marjanli is now known to all of Azerbaijan. The whole world knows of Jojug Marjanli. This village occupies a special place in the history of Azerbaijan. You are well aware that the village of Jojug Marjanli was under Armenian occupation for only a few months. But during these several months the Armenian occupying forces completely destroyed the village and demolished all the buildings. In other words, the village of only a few months is a living testament to Armenian atrocities. As a result of the successful Horadiz military operation conducted under the leadership of great leader Heydar Aliyev in December 1993, more than 20 villages, including the village of Jojug Marjanli and the Horadiz settlement, which is a city of Horadiz now, were liberated from occupation. But it was dangerous to live here. Despite this, the Khaziyev family lived here.

Last April, the Azerbaijani army, while suppressing an Armenian armed provocation, conducted a successful counter-offensive operation and liberated thousands of hectares of Azerbaijani land from occupiers. Thousands of hectares of land were liberated in Agjabadi, Fizuli and Jabrayil districts, and today the Azerbaijani army controls tens of thousands of hectares of land. As a result of the return of the Lalatapa height, it is now safe to live in Jojug Marjanli. When I visited this region, Lalatapa and other lands freed from occupiers at the end of last year, and met with military personnel, I asked whether it was possible to live safely in Jojug Marjanli. I was told that it was safe.

In January of this year, an executive order was signed and funds were allocated from the President's Contingency Fund. Construction work began on 22 March and finished on 20 May – in just two months. In other words, all this construction work was carried out before your very eyes, and this is indeed a historic event. In just two months, a part of the village was rebuilt. At the first stage, we have built 50 houses, a school, a mosque reminiscent of the historical Shusha mosque, and a road from Horadiz to Jojug Marjanli. At the next stage, about 100 more houses will be built, perhaps even more, a medical center, and additional measures will be taken to create jobs. This is the history of the village of Jojug Marjanli. It is really a glorious story. The village that suffered from occupation has been restored. Azerbaijan has liberated some of its lands from the invaders. This is indeed a historic event. I am sure that the future of Jojug Marjanli will be successful and happy, and after the villagers return here, it will become even livelier here.

Tomorrow is the Day of Salvation. We are meeting on the eve of the Day of Salvation. The Day of Salvation has become a turning point in the modern history of Azerbaijan. As a result of the return of great leader Heydar Aliyev to power, stability was restored and Azerbaijan embarked on a path of development. Today Azerbaijan is one of the countries that stand out on a global scale. Unfortunately, the great leader Heydar Aliyev did not lead Azerbaijan from the first days of independence. Not an inch of our lands would be under occupation then. Unfortunately, the persons who led our country in the first years of independence showed weakness and cowardice. As for the PFPA-Musavat tandem, it was a disgraceful period. The corrupt government could not protect our lands.

The Day of Salvation has preconditioned the current realities. Just imagine – if great leader Heydar Aliyev had been in power in Azerbaijan since the first years of independence, we would have been able to protect ourselves from great troubles.

Despite the occupation, however, Azerbaijan is developing today, increasing its strength, has created a strong economy and reinforced its positions in the international arena. We have achieved great success in the military sphere. The Azerbaijani army today is among the strongest armies on a global scale, and the April fights proved this once again. We knew this and the Azerbaijani public also knew this. But the April battles visually demonstrated to the whole world and the enemy that the Azerbaijani state is ready and capable of restoring its territorial integrity.

The village of Jojug Marjanli is already associated with your name. You and the village are inseparable from each other. You have proved this. I have enquired and found out that you could not live in another place and returned to the village after a while. You began to live here, breathed life into the village, created a large farm and, risking your life in your native land, lived in danger. Despite all the difficulties and risks, you lived and built here under bullets and shells, showing an example of patriotism. You have demonstrated that the people of Azerbaijan are attached to their native land with all their soul. You showed that Azerbaijani citizens live, build and create on their land in any conditions, even in danger. You lived in danger not for one day or week, but every day and night for more than 20 years. Therefore, the entire Azerbaijani people are proud of you. You deserve the highest praise. I am proud of you.

As you know, a few months ago, a new order, the Order of Labor, was included into state orders of Azerbaijan on my decree. This decision was made because we have to distinguish and reward workers. The Order of Labor has three categories, and when establishing it I thought about who should receive the first order. But I did not think long and decided to give the first order to the head of the Khaziyev family – Ogtay Khaziyev. You deserve this, and I think it is quite fair that the first Order of Labor of the First Category should be awarded to Ogtay Khaziyev.