Ilham Aliyev visited Lalapasha villager`s hazelnut farm in Gakh

03 august 2017, 15:50

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has visited Lalapasha villager Allahverdi Shirinov`s hazelnut farm in Gakh district.

The head of state was informed of the farm, which features 130 hazelnut trees in a 3.4 hectare area. The farm is expected to give a harvest of more than two tons of hazelnuts this year.

According to estimations of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Azerbaijan is the fourth largest producer of hazelnuts in the world. The country produces around 35,000 tons of hazelnuts, with 90 per cent of this exported to foreign markets. In 2016, Azerbaijan exported hazelnuts to 25 countries, generating a profit of $100 million.