Speech by Ilham Aliyev at the opening of the Absheron Olympic Sport Complex in the city of Khirdalan.

16 november 2017, 10:30

 I am seeing our outstanding athletes here. My specific greetings to you. It is a very significant day in the life of Absheron District today. We are celebrating the opening of the Absheron Olympic Sports Center. I cordially congratulate the athletes and residents of Absheron District on this remarkable occasion.

This is the 42nd Olympic Sports Center to be built in the regions. This figure is quite indicative in itself. There are state-of-the-art sports facilities in most of our districts now. Of course, we will also build new centers in the years to come. The Agjabadi Olympic Sports Center is ready for opening. It will be opened in the near future. The opening of new centers is also planned for next year.

This sports facility is very important for Absheron District. There is a wonderful gym for 1,000 spectators, a stadium with 1,600 seats, exercise halls, boxing and chess clubs, outdoor playgrounds, and a tennis court. In short, it is possible to engage in any sport here. This is a perfect gift for the people of Absheron District and for sportsmen. I am sure that residents of the district, children, teenagers and also sportsmen will enjoy the opportunities available in this center. Thus, another important step is being taken to create a modern sports infrastructure in all our regions.

The opening ceremony of this center is joined by our Olympic champions and champions of the world. My special greetings to you! I am sure your future activities will also serve Azerbaijani sport. Azerbaijan is internationally known as a sporting nation. Our successes are now recognized by the entire sports community of the world. Our athletes properly represent Azerbaijan in all international competitions. We have many Olympic champions, champions of the world and Europe. This year, two of our athletes present here – Haji Aliyev and Magomedrasul Majidov – became three-time world champions. This is indeed a huge sporting achievement. They have already confirmed for the third time that they are the best in the world. Of course, the victories of our Olympians, three-time world champions attract children to sport clubs. I am confident that children and teenagers will be coming to this sports center and take your place in the future. After all, sustainable development of sport begins with the formation of the younger generation. There should be conditions for the formation of the younger generation and proper organization of the training process. At the same time, they should have excellent examples to follow. They, like you, want to become Olympic and world champions. The popularity of sport is provided in Azerbaijan. Of course, we are proud of the successes of our athletes. This further exalts the glory of our country. However, along with this, the promotion of sports and the health of our people are an equally significant issue. Sport is perhaps the main contributor to human health.

Today, sport has already gained momentum in different parts of our country. I always recommend this and I want to say it again today: every person should do sports every day – if not every day then at least three times a week. This issue is very important for people’s health and the general mood.

Of course, we will continue our policy related to sports in subsequent years as well. Our athletes today are demonstrating the highest results in all international competitions. We finished in top places in the European Games and the Games of Islamic Solidarity held in Azerbaijan. This year, the Games of Islamic Solidarity were held at the highest level, and Azerbaijani athletes won the first place in the entire Muslim world. We are second in Europe. This is a historic achievement for a young independent state, and this achievement was presented to us by our athletes. I am very glad that there are several Olympic champions here – Nazim Huseynov, Elnur Mammadli, Namig Abdullayev, Radik Isayev, Togrul Askerov, Zemfira Meftahetdinova – and champions of the world. There are many of them. In a word, these are the victories of our sport, these are our winners, and any country can be proud of such sportsmen.

As for the development of Absheron District, things are going very well in this district. Great creative work has been done in recent years. Work on improvement and infrastructure projects are under way. The key problems related to infrastructure have been resolved in the district. Seven road projects have been implemented in the district, covering 16 settlements. Gasification is at 100 per cent. There are no problems with electricity supply. The problem of drinking water is being gradually resolved. According to the information provided to me, the problem of water in the city of Khirdalan has been resolved. In other settlements the issue will also be resolved. Jobs are being created. There are more than 100 industrial enterprises in Absheron District, employing thousands of people. A social infrastructure is being created. This beautiful Olympic center has been built. More than 10 schools have been built and renovated. In short, tremendous work is being done on comprehensive development of the district. New parks and public places are being established. Buildings are being refurbished. Another order provides for the restoration of buildings in need of repair. In short, Absheron District is comprehensively developing, becoming even more beautiful and improving. In the coming years, additional measures will be taken to speed up the social and economic development of the district.

In general, we are completing year 2017 with good results, successes in the economic, social and foreign policy spheres. We are showing again that development in Azerbaijan is stable and successful. In the years to come, Azerbaijan will only develop rapidly in the coming years and achieve further success. There are still many tasks ahead of us. We must resolve all the problems and issues that worry people. The problems of cities like Baku and small villages should always be in the spotlight.

I once again congratulate you on this wonderful event and wish athletes continued success. I wish the people of the district further achievements, good health and prosperity. I am sure there will be many more wonderful events like this in Absheron District.