To People's Artist, full member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, rector of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, academician Omar Eldarov

22 december 2017, 16:50

Dear Omar Eldarov,

On the occasion of your 90th jubilee, I extend my most sincere congratulations and best wishes to you, a prominent art figure who rendered outstanding services to the development of the Azerbaijani art of sculpture. 

By making a significant contribution both to the spiritual development of our nation and aesthetic education of youth and transforming unforgettable Azerbaijani outstanding personalities into magnificent monuments, you have become an eminent art figure who has truly enriched the national school of fine arts. Infused with moral value, artistic effect and national identity, your monumental works of art provide a successful harmony of architecture and sculpture for the Azerbaijani school of fine arts, which is rich in traditions. Having spared no efforts to promote our national and moral values for many years, you have decently promoted Azerbaijani sculpture worldwide and won high praise of art lovers.

Dear Omar Eldarov, you have always served the people of Azerbaijan through your vigorous activity and productive creativity.

I would like to emphasize your teaching activity as rector of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts as you have played a crucial role in preparing a new generation of artists, attracting young artists to professional arts and shaping their artistic and aesthetic taste.

Your services have always been highly recognized by our state. It is clearly evidenced by numerous awards bestowed upon you, including "Istiglal" Order, "Sharaf" Order and the highest award of Azerbaijan - "Heydar Aliyev" Order. However, your greatest reward is the love that people have for you and for your profession thanks to your works, activity and personal qualities.

On this remarkable day, I once again congratulate you and wish you a prosperous life surrounded by your loved ones.



Mehriban Aliyeva

First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku, 21 December, 2017