Speech by Ilham Aliyev at the ceremony to give out apartments to servicemen in Sabunchu district

17 december 2018, 11:30

Dear servicemen, dear friends.

It is a very significant day in the life of military personnel today. A total of 394 servicemen families are being provided with apartments by the state in this beautiful building. I sincerely congratulate you on this occasion and wish you continued success. I hope you live comfortably in this beautiful building.

As you may know, I signed a decree a few years ago to enhance the social protection of servicemen. According to the decree, the state provides apartments to the families of military personnel with an impeccable service record. To date, the state has provided apartments to 1,279 families of military personnel. All apartments are beautiful. I have personally attended the opening of these buildings, and the apartments I have seen today are also very comfortable, spacious and renovated. Azerbaijan is one of a handful of countries where such programs are implemented. This is further evidence and yet another example of the attention our state is paying to military personnel.

I should also note that the conditions of service are also improving for military personnel. In recent years, major repair work has been carried out in many of our military units. Many military units have been completely rebuilt. The conditions of service for our servicemen, soldiers and officers have significantly improved. Today, approximately 75-80 percent of our military compounds, military units and military bases fully meet the required standard. In the coming years, we plan to repair the military units that are still in need of repair. The state allocates and will continue to allocate funds for these purposes.

I should also note that thousands of houses and apartments have been built and put into operation for the families of martyrs and those handicapped in the Karabakh war in recent years. This year alone, the state has provided apartments to 626 martyr families and those handicapped in the Karabakh war. At least 800 apartments will be provided next year. People of this category are also provided with the cars by the state. They have been provided with thousands of cars.

The problems of our compatriots affected by the war are also being addressed. This year, 5,800 displaced families have been provided with new houses and apartments. This is a record figure in recent years. We will continue this policy next year.

You are also aware that the first decree I signed immediately after the presidential election this year was associated with improving the financial situation of the descendants of martyrs. The state will provide descendants funds in the amount of 11,000 manats. The process of payment of these funds has already begun. About 10,000 families will receive this cash from the state. The lists are being updated now, and thousands of families will improve their financial situation as a result of this program. This is a sign of the attention the state is paying to the heroism of martyrs, the care for their families. However, as in all other spheres, the principle of justice should also be paramount in this area.

The process of army building in Azerbaijan is progressing fast. Azerbaijan is among countries with a strong army. The material and technical infrastructure of our army is strengthening, the most sophisticated equipment and weaponry are being acquired. The two military parades held this year have demonstrated our military prowess to the whole world. Our army stands out on a global scale for the level of its technical equipment. Of course, our strong military potential is the key factor for resolving the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The combat capability of our army is increasing. Today, our army is ready to perform any task, it is capable of doing that. The events of recent years clearly demonstrate that. I can say that this year, as a result of our army’s successful operation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Nakhchivan direction, 11,000 hectares of land completely passed under our control. We have taken over strategic heights. The capture of these heights allows us the opportunity to exercise full control over the strategic roads and communications on the territory of Armenia. Both the April fighting and the successful Nakhchivan operation once again testify to the high level of professionalism and combat capability of our army. There is a high spirit in our army and it can perform any task.

Of course, I want to say again that the paramount factor for resolving the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, along with all other factors, is our military power and our strength. We are increasing and will continue to increase our strength. I should also note that very important contracts have been signed this year. As a result of the implementation of these contracts, the most modern weaponry and ammunition will be delivered to our country. The machinery and weaponry available to us today enable us to crush any military target of the invaders with high precision and great destructive power. Of course, the strength of any country, including those in a state of war, is determined first of all by its military might.

Of course, a special place in the process of army building is occupied by social protection of servicemen, the solution of their housing problems and the improvement of conditions of service. The fact that this beautiful building will be home to about 400 families of military personnel is a good example and confirmation of my words. Once again, I congratulate all the military personnel who will live in this beautiful building on this occasion. I also congratulate you on the upcoming Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis and wish you a Happy New Year. Thank you!