Joint press statements of Presidents of Azerbaijan and Montenegro

16 september 2011, 13:00

Statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev

- Dear Mr. President!

Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen!

Mr. President! Let me warmly welcome you to Azerbaijan again!

We are attaching great importance to your visit. This is the first official visit in the history of our relations, and I am very glad that it has been very successful. The negotiations we held today have demonstrated again that both sides are making effort to develop bilateral relations.

I can say that our two countries have established very close cooperation in a short time. Our political ties are developing. The reciprocal visits by foreign ministers show again that there are no problems between us in the political sphere. On the contrary, both sides have a strong interest and a desire to develop relations.

Of course, the economic sphere is also very important to the development of bilateral ties. We have held a broad exchange on this issue today. The documents signed today also cover economic, investment, cultural and tourism spheres. I think that for our economic cooperation to start it is the issues of investment and economic development that should be in the foreground. At the same time, Azerbaijani companies are showing great interest in the tourist infrastructure of your country. Some time ago, an Azerbaijani delegation has visited your country and returned with great impressions. Therefore, I think there are wonderful conditions for a comprehensive development of bilateral ties. I am sure that we will soon see great results of this cooperation.

There are other areas of interest for cooperation. Among them, I can point to the transport and energy sectors. We may exchange our experience in these areas too. We can also fruitfully cooperate in the major energy and transport projects ongoing in Azerbaijan.

At the same time, we have touched upon the issues of regional cooperation today. There are no disagreements on that. I believe that the ties between the Balkan region and ours should be even closer. Azerbaijan, for its part, seeks to bring our regions still closer together and make our cooperation more efficient. The initiatives we have put forward, our relations with your country and your neighbors show our great interest and attention to your region.

We have also discussed regional problems and security issues. I have laid out my position on our most painful problem, the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. I have told you about the history of the issue. We do hope that this injustice will soon end, that Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized territorial integrity will be restored, that four UN Security Council resolutions demanding an unconditional withdrawal of Armenian occupying forces from Azerbaijani lands will be executed, and Azerbaijani citizens will return to their native lands. This issue is a source of threat not only for us but also for the region and the whole world. So a speediest solution to the problem must be in the interests of all countries.

At the same time, we have had an exchange of views on our cooperation with the Euro-Atlantic structures. I want to reiterate that the communication and integration processes Montenegro has established with both NATO and the European Union in a short period of time are of great value. I have mentioned in our meeting that it is probably a record figure in the history of the world, because your country has managed to establish high-level cooperation with both organizations in a short period of time. Your integration prospects are also very positive.

Mr. President, let me cordially welcome you to Azerbaijan again. I am very pleased that our personal relations have also been established in the shortest possible time. I can say that we have friendly relations. Your visit is very important to bilateral relations, but at the same time it provides an opportunity to get acquainted with our country. I am confident that you will return home with pleasant impressions about our country! Thank you!

Statement by President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović

- Dear President Aliyev! Dear Ministers!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to Mr. President for the fact that we are visiting your country today. We have had a very warm and friendly discussion.

Azerbaijan’s economic indicators and dynamic development are very gratifying for us. Today we are witnessing that, and I am sure that Azerbaijan’s rapid development will be continued. And this will provide the citizens of Azerbaijan with the opportunity to live in a prosperous country.

I would also like to express my respect for all the citizens of Azerbaijan who are making a positive contribution to the country’s development.

I believe that our countries have already taken the necessary steps to establish closer contacts. The ministers have paid reciprocal visits. Today we have signed four important agreements, two of which cover the economic sphere, one the sphere of culture and one tourism. I think these are very important agreements. This will also contribute to the development of our relations in the future and raise them to a higher level.

It is very delightful that Azerbaijan’s investment agencies are interested in our country. We, in turn, are also ready to take the necessary measures to protect investment. We have already launched tenders. We have projects on airlines and the port. We believe that Azerbaijani companies will also participate in the bidding and express an interest in investing in our country.

I am pleased that we already have a relationship. The Azerbaijan-Montenegro Culture Society is already operating. An exhibition of works of Azerbaijani artists has already been organized in Montenegro. It is gratifying that the agreement in the field of culture we have signed will further expand our relations. In some way it will play the role of a bridge in strengthening our ties.

We share the position of the United Nations and the European Union. We believe that international organizations are familiar with the essence of the problem, and support for relevant resolutions is very important. Their implementation is of great importance.

We are very pleased that Azerbaijan’s activities within the framework of the Eastern Partnership program are also commendable.

At the same time, we have worked shoulder to shoulder in peacekeeping missions. We have also felt Azerbaijan’s support during our country’s integration into NATO. I have great impressions of my visit to Baku, and I am sure that it marks a new beginning in our relations. This confirms the closeness of our countries, our relations will continue to develop in the interests of our peoples.

Mr. President, I would like to thank you again for the warm reception we have enjoyed in your country. The kind and friendly relations between our countries will continue to develop for the benefit of our countries and peoples. Our nations have a lot in common. There are common aspects in our history – our struggle for independence.

Mr. President, thank you for this opportunity! Thank you!