Ilham Aliyev opened Beylagan Olympic Sport Complex

13 february 2019, 13:30

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has attended the inauguration of Beylagan Olympic Sport Complex .

The head of state cut the ribbon symbolizing the opening of the complex, and then toured it.

Minister of Youth and Sport Azad Rahimov informed the President of the conditions created in the complex.

The construction of Beylagan Olympic Sport Complex started in 2018 and cost a total of 17.5 million manats. It is the 45th Olympic Sport Complex in the country. It occupies a total area of 2.6 hectares.

The complex features an 820-seat universal hall designed to host different sporting events, as well as table tennis, snooker, Martial arts, boxing, wrestling gyms and a swimming pool.

The complex also houses a 40-bed hotel.

After viewing Beylagan Olympic Sport Complex President Ilham Aliyev met with sportsmen and representatives of the district`s general public.

The head of state made a speech at the meeting.

- It is a very significant day in Beylagan District today. An Olympic Sports Center is opening in Beylagan. I sincerely congratulate you on this occasion. It is a beautiful sports center. There are all conditions for doing sports here. Both the appearance of the center and its interior design are beautiful. The gyms, the special training gyms for judo, wrestling and boxing, the swimming pool, the large gym, the stadium. At the same time, the center has a hotel for 50 visitors. Thus, visitors to Beylagan can comfortably stay here.

The establishment of this center is a manifestation of our sports policy. It shows that Azerbaijan is a truly sports nation. We are trying to build modern sports facilities in every region and in every district, so that young people, children and teenagers can engage in sports. We are creating these conditions. I can say that this Olympic sports center meets the highest international standards. Our young athletes will train and compete here, thereby enhancing the sporting glory of our country.

Work in this direction is under way in all our regions. This year we expect to open two more Olympic centers. In other words, the Azerbaijani state is pursuing a policy in this direction. As a result, our athletes show good results in international competitions, world and European championships and Olympic games. Every citizen of Azerbaijan is proud of the fact that our athletes are at the highest peak in the world these days. This is evidenced by the Olympic Games as well. In the last summer Olympics, our team finished in 14th place in the world for the number of medals. This is a historic victory because we finished the games ahead of many developed countries. Our athletes show the highest results in world and European championships and have our flag raised.

Of course, suitable conditions are required to do sports. Such conditions are being created. Baku hosts the most prestigious sporting events – the European Games, the Games of Islamic Solidarity, world championships. In the regions, we are creating these conditions so that athletes and young people could engage in sports. I am sure that residents of the district will also take advantage of these opportunities because everyone will become healthier if they go in for sports. After all, sport is a symbol of health. Athletes are healthy both physically and morally. Our athletes lead by example both in competitions and in everyday life. We are rightfully proud of them. Our outstanding athletes, Olympic and world champions – one of them is here today – are a source of our pride. They are showing a great example for young people. Young people should be patriotic, professional and physically strong.

I see that Beylagan sportsmen have a lot of medals. You have won them in competitions. Beylagan has a very strong wrestling school. These traditions live and will live on. I am sure that Beylagan will continue to train great athletes for our country. In the meantime, we will try to continue to take the necessary steps to develop sports because sport is a state policy in Azerbaijan. This is recognized and highly valued by practically all international sports organizations, which is why major international competitions are held in Azerbaijan.

Continuous attention is paid to the development of Beylagan district, work is being done in this direction, infrastructure and social projects are being implemented. For example, the level of gasification of Beylagan district is at 97 percent today. In the near future, it will reach 100 percent. This is a very high figure, considering that a few years ago gas supply here was at a very low level. The new substation to be launched today will significantly improve the supply of electricity to Beylagan district, and there will be no problems left in this area either.

We have celebrated the opening of a new road today. Work will continue to be carried out in this direction in the future, so that repair, restoration and construction of rural roads becomes even wider. To date, several projects have been implemented. They should be implemented on an even wider scale. In 2016, the problem of drinking water was resolved in Beylagan. The process of reconstruction of the sewage system and installation of sewage treatment plants is currently under way. In other words, all major infrastructure projects are being implemented.

Support is provided to entrepreneurship, loans are issued on concessional terms. Three agricultural estates have been established in Beylagan. People work there. Agriculture is developing at a modern level. On my instructions, paid public works have been created in the regions of Azerbaijan. At least 30,000 public work jobs will be created this year. In Baku, major cities and all districts, including Beylagan district, hundreds of paid public work jobs have been created so that citizens who are still unable to find a job could do this work and receive a salary.

In other words, a consistent policy is being pursued to develop the district. Of course, social infrastructure is also of great importance here. As you know, the Central District Hospital for 140 patients has been built in Beylagan district. There are many schools. I have been informed that the school in the village of Dunyamalilar is located in an adapted building. An instruction will be signed to build this school. A wonderful Olympic center, other social facilities have been created, a Youth Center is functioning. In short, the development of the region is of comprehensive nature, and I am sure that Beylagan district will continue to register good results, and the people living here will live and create here, thus contributing to our common cause.

I want to congratulate you on this wonderful event again. I wish our athletes continued successes and new victories. Thank you!

Karate world champion Sahib Nasibov and Greco-Roman wrestling Honored Coach Kamil Farzaliyev thanked President Ilham Aliyev for his care and attention.