Statement by Ilham Aliyev over Azerbaijan’s election a member of the UN Security Council

25 october 2011, 12:00

- Dear friends, dear ladies and gentlemen!

A very significant and historic event has taken place in the life of our country a few hours ago. Following a vote at the UN Security Council, Azerbaijan has been elected a member of this authoritative organization. Let me heartily congratulate the people of Azerbaijan on this great victory. This is a major victory indeed. The UN Security Council is the most authoritative body in the world, and Azerbaijan is already a member of it as an independent state.

As you know, Azerbaijan had the advantage in every round and at all stages in the two-day vote. In the first round Azerbaijan was voted first out of three candidates. In the ensuing voting our country always received great support. As a result, 155 countries supported Azerbaijan’s candidacy, showed confidence and elected us a member of this authoritative organization. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the countries that believe in us, rely on us and show us great respect. I want to say that as a member of this organization Azerbaijan will serve the ideals it is committed to – peace, security, democracy and justice.

We have made great progress. This year we are marking the 20th anniversary of our independence. We are celebrating this anniversary with great solemnity and great achievements. The activities held and the statements made on the eve of the anniversary reflect the dynamic and successful development of our country. Our country is developing in all directions. Developments in the country are unfolding in a positive direction. Our country is experiencing development that is unparalleled in the world. This development is obvious in every sphere. Azerbaijan is successfully moving forward in terms of social well-being, economic development, infrastructure projects. Along with these successes and the reforms ongoing in the country, our foreign policy is also very flexible and successful. The gist of our foreign policy is that Azerbaijan pursues an independent course. This course ensures the interests of the Azerbaijani people. This is a course intended to expand and increase cooperation.

The number of our friends in the world is increasing. I have repeatedly informed the Azerbaijani public of my thoughts on the matter. And I want to say again that we have a lot of friends in the world. Whereas earlier such statements could not be corroborated with concrete results, the latest vote is clear proof of that. A total of 155 countries of the world believe in Azerbaijan, respect Azerbaijan, treat Azerbaijan with sympathy and support Azerbaijan.

The fact that we have achieved such great successes in the years of independence, in 20 years, is indeed a historic achievement. In 20 years we have established ourselves in the world as an independent country. We have proved that Azerbaijan is a reliable partner, that Azerbaijan is a friendly country, and the growing number of our friends represents a triumph of our policy. This vote coincided with the 20th anniversary of our independence.

This event carries a symbolic meaning. It shows that in 20 years Azerbaijan has emerged as an independent state, as a country enjoying great respect worldwide.

This is a victory of the Azerbaijani people. This is a victory of the Azerbaijani state, the triumph of our policy. I want to share the joy over this great victory with the citizens of Azerbaijan. I want to reassure the people of Azerbaijan again that our country will continue to thrive, that we will have many more victories to celebrate in the future. Dear friends, let me congratulate you on this historic occasion again and wish all the people of Azerbaijan good health and happiness. Thank you.