Ilham Aliyev familiarized himself with production process at NaraMIZ fish farm in Pirallahi district

07 august 2019, 13:10

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and first lady Mehriban Aliyeva have familiarized themselves with the production process at NaraMIZ fish farm established in Pirallahi district.

Head of CMS Properties LLC fish farm farm Eyvaz Eyvazov informed the head of state and first lady of the complex.

The groundbreaking ceremony of indoor and outdoor farms in the CMS Properties LLC was laid by President Ilham Aliyev in 2017.

The production capacity of the complex, which occupies an area of 6 hectares, will initially be 100 tons of sturgeon, 25 tons of starlet and four tons of black caviar.

The complex is expected to create 30 jobs, which will be increased to 70 in the future. Indoor and outdoor farms, a hotel, a yacht club and cottages were built within the complex.

The overall production capacity of the farm is planned to reach 75 tons of fish and 20 tons of caviar.

Extensive landscaping work was carried out, green areas were laid out and a new park was built in the area.