A ceremony was held to decorate Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov and Ilham Aliyev with high awards

14 november 2011, 18:00

After the signing ceremony of Azerbaijani-Bulgarian agreements, a ceremony was held to decorate Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev with high awards.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said:

- Dear Mr. President!

Let me sincerely salute you again!

It is a very significant day in the history of Bulgarian-Azerbaijani relations. You are paying an official visit to our country, very important documents have been signed. On this auspicious day, I would like to say a few words as a friend about what you have done during your leadership of Bulgaria.

You have been leading Bulgaria for 10 years. Under your leadership your country has covered a long and successful road. The political and economic reforms under way in your country have facilitated the development of Bulgaria.

During these years, your country has become a member of NATO and the European Union. I think these are historic achievements for your country. Bulgaria is known worldwide as a reliable and friendly partner country. As a statesman you enjoy a great authority in the world.

Должен отметить, что за эти годы наши двусторонние отношения также очень успешно развивались. Мы с Вами видимся, можно сказать, каждый год, и наши личные дружеские связи оказывают положительное влияние и на развитие двусторонних связей. За последние годы наши отношения, то есть болгаро-азербайджанские отношения поднялись на очень высокий уровень. За заслуги и вклад в развитие болгаро-азербайджанских связей Вы награждаетесь высшей наградой Азербайджанского государства - орденом «Гейдар Алиев».
I should also say that our bilateral relations have been developing successfully over these years. We see each other almost every year and our personal friendship has a positive impact on the development of bilateral ties. In recent years, our relations, Bulgarian-Azerbaijani relations, have risen to very high levels. For your services and contribution to the development of Bulgarian-Azerbaijani relations you are being decorated with the highest award of the Azerbaijani state – the Heydar Aliyev Order.

Allow me to present this award to you.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev presented the Heydar Aliyev Order to Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.


Expressing his gratitude, Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov said:

- Dear Mr. President!

Dear ministers, ladies and gentlemen. I am very thankful for such a high assessment of my activities and service.

Yes, it is true that the relations between our two peoples have been traditionally friendly. But we want to note that over the past 10 years our bilateral ties have risen to the highest level.

I am accepting this highest award with a sense of great gratitude. At the same time, I view this award as an assessment of the glorious path the Republic of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people have traversed, the result of the hard work we have done in recent years.

At the same time, Mr. President, we appreciate the efforts you have made in this direction, as well as your activities as the leader of Azerbaijan. I often visit Azerbaijan and you have visited Bulgaria too. Every time I come here I see changes occurring in your country. I see modern Azerbaijan develop. I would say that this development takes place not in the course of the year, but every hour. I would like to point out that both myself and many organizations in Bulgaria know what authority you have earned in Europe. We welcome this and believe that your efforts are very important to even greater convergence of your country with European institutions.

I want to say here in your presence that all institutions in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian public consider you to be the closest friend of the Bulgarian people.

And now, as a sign of appreciation for your activities, let me present you the highest award of Bulgaria – the Order of Stara Planina.

Mr. President, we congratulate you.

President Georgi Parvanov presented his Azerbaijani counterpart the highest award of the Republic of Bulgaria – the Order of Stara Planina.


Expressing his gratitude, President Ilham Aliyev said:

- Thank you very much, Mr. President! I am grateful to you for this high award. I am honored to receive the high award of the Bulgarian state. As you have noted, we also have a great sympathy for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people. Bulgaria is a friendly and close country to us. I will continue to apply every effort for the development of Bulgarian-Azerbaijani relations. Once again, thank you.