Ilham Aliyev received the outgoing Hungarian Ambassador

12 july 2010, 13:35

President Ilham Aliyev received Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of the Republic of Hungary, Jeno Boros, with regards to completion of his diplomatic activities in Azerbaijan.

The President praised the efforts of the ambassador to develop bilateral relations during his diplomatic activities. Having emphasized that relations between Azerbaijan and Hungary were on a satisfactory level, President Ilham Aliyev expressed hope in further enhancement of these relations.

Ambassador Jeno Boros stated that he had witnessed daily rapid development of Azerbaijan during his diplomatic tenure and congratulated the President for all the successes achieved. Jeno Boros mentioned that he was pleased to serve cooperation between the two states and added that he had observed similar elements in Azerbaijani and Hungarian people during his diplomatic tenure.

Recalling his visit to Hungary, the President praised the level of relations and expressed confidence in continuation of close partnership relations with Hungary.