Ilham Aliyev got familiarized with the work carried out in Ganja’s Flag Square

21 january 2012, 13:45

President Ilham Aliyev studied the course of work carried out in Ganja’s Flag Square.

Head of state was reported that the Flag Square which is under construction on the right bank of the Ganja city is one of the important projects being implemented recently in the city. The length of tricolor flying high 100 meters above ground is 50 meters. Its width is 25 meter. The flag foundation is 4 meters in height. The Azerbaijani State anthem and coat-of-arms are carved on the granite plaque installed in the square. The refurbishment and greening work is being done in the square.

President Ilham Aliyev raised the state flag.

Expressing his satisfaction over the work done, head of state gave his relevant instructions and recommendations.