Ilham Aliyev studied the course of construction of Gala Compound in Ganja

21 january 2012, 14:20

President Ilham Aliyev got familiarized with the course of construction work which is under way in Gala Compound of Ganja.

Head of State has studied the project of entry into the city of Ganja in direction from Baku. It was reported that the Gala Compound which started to be constructed since April of last year is covering both sides of Ganja-Baku highway. Having broadened left and right sides of the highway, its width has reached 22 meters. Each wall of Gala Compound has the length of 47 meters, the height of 15 meters, while the height of the tower is 22 meters. Along the highway, both sides have auxiliary walls. In the Compound, the width of Ganja Gates is 5 meters and height is 22 meters. On the top, there is the coat of arms of Ganja with diameter of 6 meter. This coat of arms will feature bronze made lion figures from both sides.

It was noted that the Khamsa spring will be constructed in front of the Compound. Furthermore, the road of 4.6 km between the Gala and Nizami Ganjavi Mausoleum is being reconstructed. Along the highway, the names of Nizami’s Khamsa writing will be written on 5 large book shaped monuments. It is also envisaged to erect statues depicting the famous heroes of the poet and construct the fountain. Along the highway, the park line will be constructed in combination with 3 fountains.

President Ilham Aliyev gave his relevant instructions and recommendations.