31 august 2012, 15:15

From Hasan Gunashli and others, Guba, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr. President!

It is encouraging that Azerbaijan has been confidently moving forward alongside countries that have achieved the most rapid economic growth in Europe in recent years. The successes achieved are the result of an impeccable program aimed at creating a bright future for the people and drawn up with great foresight by the architect of the modern Azerbaijani state, politician of global eminence, our great leader Heydar Aliyev and your titanic efforts.

Thanks to your consistent and wise policies and successful socioeconomic reforms, all regions of our country are developing and the welfare of our citizens improving, the poverty rate has dropped to a minimum, new jobs are created, old industrial facilities are revitalized and new ones opened, production volume and national incomes are rising. As you have wanted, the positive results of the reforms are reflected in better living standards of our citizens.

Azerbaijan's election by the votes of 155 countries as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, the fact that Baku has hosted such an important song contest as “Eurovision”, the organization in Gabala of the annual music festival with the participation of world-class musicians, the winning of 10 medals at the Olympic Games in London and many other achievements are the result of your successful domestic and foreign policies.

We, the people of Guba, are proud of the great victories won under your leadership. Addressing the opposition, we would like to say: beys, get rid of the blinders on your eyes, you should see this progress and enjoy it with the people!

Dear Mr. President!

We, the people of Guba, express our deep appreciation for the paternal care about the northern region, the ancient city of Guba – the home of Fatali Khan. We especially note that your successful policies on socioeconomic development are actively carried out in our district. The construction and landscaping work carried out in Guba pleases all of us. It is evidence of your warm attitude towards our region. Guba resembles a vast construction site now. There is construction and creative work everywhere. The structures that spoil the view of our city are knocked down, streets expanded, water and sanitation systems updated. A lot has been done in the last two months. The modern musical fountains and a number of public facilities, the “Ancient Guba” Square, which were opened on 15 June, the Day of National Salvation, have now become a favorite place for children and adults.

Along with landscaping, there is construction of new buildings. The construction of baby center No 1 in one of the main streets has been completed. A modern building, the Youth Center, is under construction in the park named after the great leader. The Flag Square is being established, another musical fountain and an outdoor theater are under construction. The three-storey building being erected in the Nizami Park will host the Local History Museum named after A. Bakikhanov. The 18th century “Arch Bridge” linking the banks of Gudyalchay, the city of Guba and the Krasnaya Sloboda settlement of mountain Jews, is being restored. Construction work at the “Genocide” memorial complex is well under way. But it is not only Guba that is becoming prettier. Construction and landscaping work is also in full swing in villages and settlements of the district. Ten schools are under construction in villages this year.

We, the people of Guba, are particularly happy with the start of the construction of the Guba-Gonagkand-Shamakhi road.

So much has been done and continues to be done, but we will not take your time to list it all, Mr. President.

Along with the successful socioeconomic projects, a lot of excitement is observed in the ideological sphere. The grand opening of the “Ancient Guba” Square, the nationwide celebrations of the Day of the Press, the “Poetry evening”, the solemn departure of our sons into the army and other public activities have raised our mood. The people of Guba are eagerly preparing for the first “Feast of apples”.

Mr. President!

The people of our district are very grateful to you for the successes achieved in all these spheres. We support your successful domestic and foreign policies. We are always by your side!

May Allah protect you!

On behalf of the people of Guba District:
Hasan Gunashli – chairman of the District Council of Elders, Arshad Azimzadeh – writer, journalist, labor veteran, Solmaz Mehdiyeva – chairwoman of Guba District trade union of education workers, Suleyman Aslanov – head of the district education department, Ismayil Mirzaliyev – head doctor of the central district hospital.

Guba, the Republic of Azerbaijan.