13 september 2012, 09:30

From Farida Gaybaliyeva, Baku, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

We greet you and express our deep respect for you!

We are very proud and inspired by your compassion, care and attention to your citizens, the major reconstruction work being carried out in our country, economic development, your authority, which has amazed countries of the world, your great belief in a bright tomorrow, your strong and courageous steps and the fact that you are worthily continuing the path of the national leader of our people, Heydar Aliyev. Following the Eurovision-2012 Song Contest held in our country, the courageous son of our people, Ramil Safarov, was returned to the homeland and pardoned as a result of your far-sightedness and patient and self-sacrificing activities. May the joy and prayers of that day be with you, Mr President!

We live and greatly respect you. May God protect you!

We are waiting for more good news from you – the sound of victory from our occupied lands. God willing!


Farida Kamil gizi Gaybaliyeva

PhD in philology, a member of the central board of the Cultural Centre of World Azerbaijanis, head of the Women’s Council, head of the Mahsati Poets’ Majlis and editor-in-chief of Mahsati magazine

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, Binagadi District