13 september 2012, 09:20

From Shahverdi Ahmadov, Lachin, Azerbaijan

Mr President!

First of all, I note that for health reasons, I cannot write my sincere words to you in this litter with my own hands. On the one hand, I am very happy that the Creator has given me a chance to live 100 years. I can still see and will definitely read this letter myself at the end. During these 100 years, I was fated to experience the suffering and pain of three wars. My childhood coincided with World War One, youth with World War Two and my old age with the Karabakh war, and I got my own “share” from this war. In writing this letter to you, my purpose is not to complain about my situation. Yes, we are refugees, but thank God that they always take care of me. My purpose is to write how happy I am with your brave step and to express my profound gratitude to you.

Mr President!

Since God has given me such a long life, I am not afraid to depart this world one day. My only concern was that I would depart this world without seeing our native Lachin. As a result of your bravery, honour and policy, I heard the news that our brave son Ramil Safarov was brought to Azerbaijan and pardoned. I thought that the whole world was mine. I have been feeling well for several days now.

Dear Mr President!

In conclusion, I would like to say that on my own behalf and on behalf of my family, I express my profound gratitude to you for giving the Azerbaijani people this joy and giving this hope to me. I believe that the day will come when we will return to our lands as did Ramil Safarov and I will have the chance to hear that you are visiting Lachin District. Once again, I wish you success in your work and I am giving you the blessing of an elder. May success attend you!


Shahverdi Behbud oglu Ahmadov, a 100-year-old displaced person from Lachin District temporarily living in the village of Gizilarkh in Sheki District

The village of Gizilarkh, Sheki District, Azerbaijan Republic