15 september 2012, 09:00

From members of the Union of Karabakh Gazis, Agdam, Azerbaijan

Dear Mr President!

The extradition to our country of our officer and patriotic son of Azerbaijan, Ramil Safarov , who spent many years in prison in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, thanks to your personal will and resolve and his pardoning and release made us, former fights Karabakh Gazis, very happy. We always believed that your policy aimed at returning Ramil Safarov to our country would be successful because you have proved with your actions and work that you are the president of every Azerbaijani and the commander-in-chief of every officer and soldier.

Mr President!

We believe that under your command, our brave sons like Ramil Safarov will show their words in deeds by liberating our Karabakh from the enemies. As Karabakh Gazis, we are also ready to show our strength on this path at any moment. May Almighty God always help you!

Kind regards,

Members of the Agdam District branch of the Union of Karabakh Gazis

Azerbaijan Republic, Agdam, the village of Guzanli