To the 24th General Assembly of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society

12 march 2013, 16:30

Dear delegates of the Assembly!

I salute and congratulate you on the beginning of your regular high forum.

The Red Crescent Society holds an important place in the modern public and social life of our country as it acts upon humanitarian and volunteer principles and provides the necessary assistance to those in need of care.

The Republic of Azerbaijan, which is undergoing a period of sustainable development, views the provision of social welfare as one of the main objectives of the government. Substantial work has been done in recent years to improve the livelihoods and well-being of the disabled, veterans and families of war victims, refugees and internally displaced persons who are in need of social protection. At the same time, major steps have been taken to eliminate the consequences of the damage caused to the farms in our country by natural disasters, floods and earthquakes, and to restore and reconstruct the destroyed villages. We are addressing these problems without help from the outside and using the economic potential created by our state. The Azerbaijani Red Crescent Society has also provided material and moral support to the citizens faced with certain social difficulties and tried to fulfill its tasks in this field to the maximum extent possible.

At present, the necessary legal framework and favorable conditions for the fruitful operation of the Red Crescent Society in the republic have been put in place. In deference to the noble goals and practical activities of your organization, 10 March of every year is celebrated in our country as the Day of the Red Crescent in accordance with a presidential decision.

I do hope that the decisions to be made by the General Assembly today will open up new opportunities for the Azerbaijani Red Crescent Society and further strengthen the work of the organization both within the country and on the international scale. I wish all the delegates of the Assembly and all members of the Azerbaijani Red Crescent Society every success, long life and good health.

Ilham Aliyev
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku city, 7 March 2013