Message of congratulation to the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the Ramadan holiday

07 august 2013, 15:00

Dear fellow countrymen!

I sincerely congratulate you and all our compatriots living in different parts of the world on the blessed holiday of Ramadan and convey my best wishes!

Ramadan is significant for the fact that the Holy Koran was heaven-sent in this month. In this blessed month, which symbolizes unity, equality and goodwill among people and attachment to religious values, Muslims acquire the opportunity to discharge their duty of conscience before Allah more fully and experience the joy of victory of spiritual wealth and moral perfection over temptation.

Azerbaijan, which has historically been known as one of the cultural centers of the Muslim world, has always held religious and national-spiritual values in high respect. The freedom of conscience and religion and the relations between the state and religion in our country are built in accordance with the laws of the country and international standards. Comprehensive measures have been taken in the years of independence to promote and popularize national and spiritual values. I am pleased to note that the work on the overhaul of our religious and historical sites, which represent unique jewels of Islamic culture, has assumed consistent nature. The first Muslim temple of the South Caucasus, the Shamakhi Juma mosque, has been renovated and commissioned this year.

The Ramadan holiday, which enlightens hearts with divine wisdom, is coming to an end.

Having passed fasting ordeals with dignity, our believers sincerely share the joy of the holiday with others, wish each other peace and calm, wish further progress to our state, and pay tribute to the memory of martyrs.

Dear brothers and sisters!

As in previous years, we are bidding farewell to the month of Ramadan, which has become a symbol of humanism, brotherhood and solidarity in our society, with a sense of great pride and satisfaction. On these bright holidays I once again express my solidarity with all your eminent prayers and wishes, and wish your families welfare and your homes abundance and prosperity.

May Allah accept your fast!

Ilham Aliyev
President of the Azerbaijan Republic

Baku city, 7 August 2013