Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of a Training and Surgical Clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University

12 september 2013, 18:30

Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of a Training and Surgical Clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University

The Training and Surgical Clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University has been opened.

The opening ceremony was attended by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyevand his wife Mehriban Aliyeva.

The head of state cut the ribbon symbolizing the opening of the clinic.

The construction of a 500-bed modern Training and Surgical Clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University in accordance with a decree of President Ilham Aliyev is clear evidence of state attention and care about the development of this prestigious higher education institution and the strengthening of its material and technical infrastructure. Along with education, the clinic will provide the population with qualified diagnostic and surgical services and medical care. The clinic will operate the departments of general surgery, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, ophthalmology, traumatic surgery, neurosurgery, etc. The medical facility fitted with cutting-edge medical equipment can conduct various surgical operations.

The rector of the Azerbaijan Medical University, Academician Ahliman Amiraslanov, informed the President about the clinic. It was noted that the construction of the health center was carried out by the "AzerInshaat Granit" LLC. The building of the clinic, covering an area of 45,000 square meters, has an interesting design. The courtyard of the 13-storey building has been extensively landscaped.

The President of Azerbaijan was informed about the chairs and departments of the clinic. It was noted that the clinic operates 18 chairs and 20 surgical and diagnostic departments. During the year, 2,800 students, more than 400 residents and over 20 doctoral students will undergo surgical training here. They will be taught by a staff of 40 professors, 80 associate professors and 120 doctors of philosophy in medicine.

It was brought to the President’s attention that the examination and computer rooms of the clinic are also equipped with modern facilities. There are also computer-equipped rooms for courses and public examinations here.

In the lobby of the building there is a section dedicated to nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev. It provides information on the indispensable role of the nationwide leader in the development of public health in Azerbaijan and the medical university.

There is also a photo stand in the lobby describing the participation of President Ilham Aliyev and the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Mehriban Aliyeva, in the activities of this medical facility.

It was noted that departments of the clinical operate the most sophisticated medical equipment enabling top-level examination and treatment of patients. Doctors' offices, training and computer rooms are also fitted with the necessary equipment. There is also a conference room for 250 people, and special acoustic and modern multimedia systems for conducting various public events. In general, the clinic has nine lecture halls for 100 people each and more than 50 training rooms for conducting workshops. The equipment installed in the clinic departments is manufactured by leading companies around the world. These devices can produce accurate examination results in a short time.

It was indicated that the central laboratory of the clinic is fully equipped. This section of the country's only university hospital operates the departments of biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics, etc. The laboratory uses fully automated and cutting-edge biochemical, microbiological, immunological, genetic and other analyzers which are used by reference laboratories of universities around the world. This enables high-precision laboratory tests in the shortest possible time. For the first time in our country, the laboratory will carry out biochemical and immunological analyses in accordance with the CLSI standard adopted by the World Health Organization. Patients from all over the world can enter the clinic’s web site using a personal code and get the results of their laboratory tests.

It was also noted that the clinic also has the "Tesla" magnetic resonance imaging unit, a 128-slice CT scanner, two high-frequency digital X-ray machines, a universal angiography unit, and a 4D ultrasound machine mode 4D.

On the third floor there are five intensive care rooms with 20 beds and 18 operating rooms. The intensive care rooms have multifunctional electric beds, centralized gas systems, monitors and artificial respiration appliances. Regardless of the complexity, intensive care is provided by experienced specialists who have received education abroad. With the help of a multifunctional lighting system and a set of cameras, the operations can be broadcast to auditoria, training and meeting rooms. Their records may also be passed on to qualified specialists abroad and uploaded to the archives of the medical institution.

The clinic’s wards are fitted with the necessary equipment, including the soft and hard inventory. Wards are located on different floors of the building. To provide training and development of knowledge for students, residents and doctoral students, the medical center has lecture halls and laboratories on the different of various areas of medical science. To train young professionals in line with international standards, the laboratories operate model anatomical and simulation appliances that are not used elsewhere in the CIS.

The advantage of the equipment installed here is that along with the data uploaded onto a computer, it is also possible to upload images obtained through magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray and computed tomography. This equipment is available only in a handful of hospitals of leading countries of the world and is of paramount importance to improving the theoretical and practical knowledge of students. All equipment of the clinic, established on the basis of the latest achievements of medical science, has been installed by local company “ARASH Medical”.

After reviewing the clinic, President Ilham Aliyev met with the teachers and students of the Azerbaijan Medical University.


Greeting the meeting participants, President Ilham Aliyev said:

- It is a remarkable day today. We are gathered for the opening of the city Training and Surgical Clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University in Baku. I congratulate you on this wonderful event! I congratulate all the teachers and students of the Azerbaijan Medical University!

It is a beautiful center and an excellent medical facility. I have reviewed various departments of the center. I can see again that work in the field of healthcare in Azerbaijan is done at a high level.

I remember laying the foundation of this clinic three years ago. At that time, three years ago, we also celebrated the opening of a therapeutic training clinic. The rector and the teaching staff expressed the need for building a surgical clinic as well. Initially, funds were allocated from the Contingency Fund of the President. After that, the construction of this beautiful medical center was financed from the state budget for a few years. I can say that this center holds a special place among medical centers established in Azerbaijan in recent years. This clinic stands out for its beauty, architecture and functional features.

The establishment of such a clinic at the time pursued two objectives. First of all, it was a matter of raising the educational process at the Azerbaijan Medical University to an even higher level. At the same time, the task was set of bringing together all of the surgical departments. We have achieved that. At the same time, we achieved the establishment of a modern medical center in Azerbaijan. So it is a place where two important areas for our country, education and healthcare, are connected. The entire work is organized at the highest level here. The most sophisticated equipment is installed. There are excellent conditions and a very nice building. There are excellent conditions for doctors and students here. And this is the way it should be because Azerbaijan is successfully and rapidly developing. All the problems facing the country are being addressed, including those in the areas of healthcare and education. In recent years, we have built about 500 medical centers. These centers cover all regions of the country. There are diagnostic centers in 15 cities. We can say that there are excellent conditions for high-quality medical services everywhere in our country. The material and technical logistics of healthcare is strengthening. I am sure that all our cities will have excellent clinics in the next year or two.

Modern hospitals have been opened in several cities of our country in the last two weeks. I can say that the hospitals opened in the districts are also provided with the most modern equipment and meet the highest standards. The Azerbaijan Medical University is a higher educational institution which plays a special role in the training of doctors in our country. This university has a great history and great traditions, and I am sure it has a bright future because independent Azerbaijan is increasing expenditure on the healthcare sector and strengthening the material and technical infrastructure of public health. Of course, the level of health services should also improve under such circumstances.

The university has a very experienced and knowledgeable teaching staff. Of course, your knowledge is passed on to the younger generation. We must make sure that the younger generation and young doctors can keep track of all the processes occurring in the field of healthcare in the world. There are opportunities and computer rooms to do that. I am sure it is also possible to establish a direct link with various universities. There are perfect conditions for observing operations.

So our young doctors should be aware of all the progressive innovations in the field of healthcare in the world because medical science is developing rapidly in today's world. Doctors know this better than anyone. Today, many of the diseases which were once incurable can be treated if detected on time. The diagnostic instruments, the computed tomography, the MRI, the modern X-ray machines can detect any disease at an early stage and establish the correct diagnosis. The presence of these devices is an important step in the process of correct diagnosing. Of course, treatment must also be correct.

So the successful development of medical science is also a direct contribution to public health. We should try to apply the latest innovations and inventions in this area to Azerbaijan. We have to be ready for that. The logistics and the available modern equipment make this possible. The professionalism and knowledge of doctors should be increased. Doctors should always work hard to be more educated and knowledgeable.

We need to make sure that any complicated operations can be carried out in Azerbaijan. I can say that we have been able to achieve that in recent years. The most complex cardiovascular operations and organ transplantations are now carried out in Azerbaijan. However, it is no secret that some people, especially those well-off, still go abroad for treatment. We have to create conditions for this not to be necessary. Azerbaijan should have the medical service of the highest level and the highest professionalism of doctors. I am confident that our combined efforts, including the government policy, the establishment of new health facilities, the availability of modern equipment and the professionalism of doctors, will enable us to achieve this goal.

I have recently expressed my opinion about education. I want to say again that we have to create conditions for our young people not to have to go abroad to study. The level of education in Azerbaijan should rule out the need to receive education of the highest level elsewhere. Of course, we must ensure that in the field of healthcare too. I am sure that we will achieve that because the healthcare reforms conducted in recent years have been successful. However, much still remains to be done. International organizations, including the World Health Organization, speak highly of Azerbaijan’s achievements in this sphere. Some time ago the European Office of the World Health Organization emphasized the reforms under way in Azerbaijan.

I want to note again that modern hospitals and medical centers have been built in every district in recent years. As for Baku, it would be no mistake to say that major scientific research institutions and hospitals have been reconstructed and refurbished and several large hospitals built in the capital. We will continue our consistent policy in this area.

Public health is a priority for our state. The hospitals, the water supply lines and the environmental activities carried out during my visits to the regions pursue one and the same goal – to protect public health in Azerbaijan and create conditions for the provision of high-quality treatment. All our regions and cities will soon have fully operational dialysis centers. We have already achieved that in most cities. We are seeing the positive side of this. Earlier patients had to travel hundreds of kilometers to be treated in other cities. Today, every region and almost every city has a modern dialysis center. Therefore, healthcare, which provides for people’s health, is certainly at a higher level today. Azerbaijan has other factors that contribute to public health of course. This area is always in the spotlight. Doctors will probably know this best of all: statistical data shows that life expectancy in Azerbaijan is increasing and infant mortality is reducing. This is one of the main factors showing the level of healthcare.

I want to say again that the Azerbaijan Medical University has a long history, traditions, a great present and a bright future.

I can say that we are trying to address all the requests of doctors.

Such wonderful clinics are educational and medical centers and, at the same time, workplaces for doctors. Doctors in every Azerbaijani city and district should have such working conditions.

I want to reiterate that the opening of this beautiful clinic is a big milestone. I am very glad that we have celebrated such wonderful events in recent years. Medical University clinics are being established consistently. In 2002 we opened a dental clinic, in 2007 a cancer center, in 2010 a therapeutic hospital and now we are gathered for the opening of a surgical clinic. I congratulate you on this wonderful event again.


The rector of the University Ahliman Amiraslanov, the head of a chair, Adila Namazova, and sophomore Khatun Mammadova expressed their gratitude to President Ilham Aliyev for the care and attention being paid to the development of healthcare in Azerbaijan.

Then the President and his wife chatted with the meeting participants.

In conclusion, a photo was taken as a souvenir.