From the chairperson of the Interstate Aviation Committee, Tatyana Anodina

11 october 2013, 15:30

Dear Ilham Heydar oglu,

Please accept my warmest and most sincere congratulations on your election to a third term in the high public office of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Over the years, you are rightly recognized not only as a leader of Azerbaijan but also as one of the most prominent figures in world politics whose opinions and position have repeatedly proven decisive in resolving the most important regional and global problems. Your have gained extensive life experience, which represents an example of selfless love and devotion to the native country, a high level of professionalism, a permanent sense of duty, dedication and wisdom, the ability to resolve complex problems, and always work for the benefit of its people.

Let me sincerely wish you the best of success and continued achievements in high public affairs and accomplishments.

With deep respect and best wishes,

I wish you and your wife Mehriban Arifovna good health, happiness and prosperity.

Tatyana Anodina
Chairperson of the Interstate Aviation Committee